[MT]Unrivaled Medicine God

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[MT]Unrivaled Medicine God Read Raw Translation for Unrivaled Medicine God / 绝世药神 in English. A Pill Emperor of his generation was set up by a traitor. Since then, the world lost a Qingyun Zi and gained an invincible silkpants. Once again, walking the Great Dao of Alchemy. How can I defy the heavens . . . with the medicine in my hands!

Latest chapter:Chapter 1 Can this stuff also be eaten?

Updated:2020-12-17 09:57

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《[MT]Unrivaled Medicine God》latest chapter

Chapter 1 Can this stuff also be eaten?
Chapter 2 Lingbi Jiuyang God
Chapter 3 Grab medicine
Chapter 4 question
Chapter 5 Hematemesis
Chapter 6 Change prescription
Chapter 7 Seven bloodshed
Chapter 8 Self-seeking
Chapter 9 Come not to indecent ass
Chapter 10 In the way of his own, he also
Chapter 11 Murder
Chapter 12 Jiuyin Lian Shenmai
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《[MT]Unrivaled Medicine God》All Chapters List

Chapter 3119 God of creation! (season finale)
Chapter 3118 The door to eternal life, no more?
Chapter 3117 The gods are scared!
Chapter 3116 Irritating the heavens!
Chapter 3115 Glittering lightning!
Chapter 3114 Road source!
Chapter 3113 The robbery of the world, the beginning!
Chapter 3112 Invincible in the world!
Chapter 3111 Your majesty!
Chapter 3110 The two great supremes join hands, too dangerous!
Chapter 3109 Committed to the city!
Chapter 3108 Heaven is born again!
Chapter 3107 Ye Yuan’s robbery!
Chapter 3106 Son, great!
Chapter 3105 The battle of fate!
Chapter 3104 Change your life!
Chapter 3103 Chaos Heavenly List!
Chapter 3102 Life and death!
Chapter 3101 Step on the sky!
Chapter 3100 Magic flower funeral!
Chapter 3099 Comparable!
Chapter 3098 Great reversal!
Chapter 3097 Fight for the last time!
Chapter 3096 God of War does not fall!
Chapter 3095 I am dyed with my blood!
Chapter 3094 Give up your mind!
Chapter 3093 The power of chaotic bloodlines!
Chapter 3092 Take the battle to understand!
Chapter 3091 Hard fight!
Chapter 3090 Make fun of you!
Chapter 3089 bloody battle!
Chapter 3088 Battle dominate!
Chapter 3087 Blood cloud!
Chapter 3086 Great crossover!
Chapter 3085 Iraqi blood!
Chapter 3084 trouble marker!
Chapter 3083 The catastrophe!
Chapter 3082 The blood family is coming!
Chapter 3081 Mixed matrix
Chapter 3080 Hundreds of claws scratch your heart!
Chapter 3079 Layout the future!
Chapter 3078 The days are shaking!
Chapter 3077 Back to the story!
Chapter 3076 Going through the world!
~ 3078. Written before the end of the book
Chapter 3075 The Ganges River breaks through!
Chapter 3074 Bad me big thing!
Chapter 3073 second to none!
Chapter 3072 It’s too god!
Chapter 3071 Check and balance!
Chapter 3070 Chaos!
Chapter 3069 Everything is in the blink of an eye!
Chapter 3068 Change again and again!
Chapter 3067 The good show has just begun!
Chapter 3066 The dust settles!
Chapter 3065 Advance for all!
Chapter 3064 Big pen!
Chapter 3063 I am "day"!
Chapter 3062 Twelve days of road map!
Chapter 3061 Re-understand the source!
Chapter 3060 It is deliberate to play with you!
Chapter 3059 Repeated trials and defeats!
Chapter 3058 Get the best!
Chapter 3057 It is so confident!
Chapter 3056 negotiation!
Chapter 3055 闯 !!
Chapter 3054 Willing to die!
Chapter 3053 Dominate the show!
Chapter 3052 "day"!
Chapter 3051 Three hundred sources strong!
Chapter 3050 Open the door to the new world!
Chapter 3049 make persistent efforts!
Chapter 3048 perfect!
Chapter 3047 Control the silk alchemy!
Chapter 3046 Eight character knowledge source!
Chapter 3045 Pig teammate
Chapter 3044 Show your talents!
Chapter 3043 It is also a waste to put it in you.
Chapter 3042 It’s you guys!
Chapter 3041 Yang Qings highlight moment!
Chapter 3040 Really lost in the shrine!
Chapter 3039 chase!
Chapter 3038 You are cheating!
Chapter 3037 The dead are also awkward!
Chapter 3036 Sentama-dono!
Chapter 3035 First, it is boring!
Chapter 3034 Ten thousand contest!
Chapter 3033 Vertical ladder!
Chapter 3032 No day!
Chapter 3031 The Palace of the Gods is now!
Chapter 3030 Ye Tiansheng!
Chapter 3029 Return of the hero!
Chapter 3028 It should be external!
Chapter 3027 The magical powers, the eight heavens are extremely embarrassing!
Chapter 3026 Take the body as a bait!
Chapter 3025 Reverse the battle!
Chapter 3024 The gods are falling!
Chapter 3023 Extreme luxury lineup!
Chapter 3022 Calculating the time, it should be almost!
Chapter 3021 This punch is not easy!
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