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[MT]Opening Reward 100 Million Lives Read Raw Translation for Opening Reward 100 Million Lives / 开局奖励一亿条命 in English. After crossing into the fantasy world, Jiang Cheng got 100 million lives in the start. As long as they are killed, they can be resurrected and gain the random ability to defeat the opponent. From then on, the thing he looked forward to was to be killed. “Ding, the host is resurrected! Get all the […]

Latest chapter:Chapter 1563: You did it

Updated:2021-11-23 05:16

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《[MT]Opening Reward 100 Million Lives》latest chapter

Chapter 1563: You did it
Chapter 1562: The practice method of turbid power
Chapter 1561: It's not useful to give you a chance
Chapter 1560: Psychic shock
Chapter 1559: Your efficiency is too low
Chapter 1558: Jie Yuanzhu
Chapter 1557: Holy power is in the body?
Chapter 1556: Sukemotoyuki power
Chapter 1555: Come and see
Chapter 1554: You should help your teammates
Chapter 1553: Must be killed 1 time
Chapter 1552: Seal the bloodline
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《[MT]Opening Reward 100 Million Lives》All Chapters List

Chapter 653 My speed dominates?
Chapter 652 Tools for each other
Chapter 651 This is your hole card
Chapter 650 Aftermath
Chapter 649 I admire Sage Jiang
Chapter 648 3 great illusions in life
Chapter 647 I will protect you
Chapter 646 Out of control
Chapter 645 The face is well practiced
Chapter 644 This can prove it
Chapter 643 Just to breathe
Chapter 642 Accidentally shocked again
Chapter 641 How did this make me successful
Chapter 640 Start of assessment
Chapter 639 Alliance proposal
Chapter 638 Became Li Hanyus man
Chapter 637 Open the harem openly
Chapter 636 The treatment cant stand the comparison
Chapter 635 Is this missing a few steps
Chapter 634 Is this wiping off brothers oil?
Chapter 633 Mysticism Extractor
Chapter 632 2 conditions
Chapter 631 It turned out to be the same person?
Chapter 630 He is your lifelong enemy
Chapter 629 All out
Chapter 628 Shocked Hallmaster
Chapter 627 Pile you up with quantity
Chapter 626 Kiss 1
Chapter 625 What spirit is this?
Chapter 624 Correct operation
Chapter 623 Beauty saves the hero
Chapter 622 Why are you not killed
Chapter 621 Cautious Li Mei
Chapter 620 Ritual of Destruction
Chapter 619 Bring people together
Chapter 618 The lion has a big mouth
Chapter 617 With performance
Chapter 616 A devastating battle
Chapter 615 Full version of quasi emperor power
Chapter 614 Behind the scenes
Chapter 613 Lost sight
Chapter 612 Lonely
Chapter 611 Scary woman
Chapter 610 Do you still want to teach me to practice?
Chapter 609 The temple of the enemy
Chapter 608 Actually died again
Chapter 607 Promote Xuanwen
Chapter 606 Lonely Moon
Chapter 605 This identity is easy to use
Chapter 604 Great Sage
Chapter 602 Xuanwen is sold?
Chapter 602 Where is the Peerless Genius
Chapter 601 Dead spirit
Chapter 600 Why he has such a big face
Chapter 599 Descending Ceremony
Chapter 598 Leaps and bounds
Chapter 597 Direct breakthrough
Chapter 596 Own rule heart
Chapter 595 Open Jupochi
Chapter 594 Brother is not interested in children
Chapter 593 Otherworldly Demons
Chapter 592 Blue Cats News
Chapter 591 Bleak devil
Chapter 590 Market Cave World
Chapter 589 The catastrophe is coming
Chapter 588 You are going to be fooled
Chapter 587 You have to be sincere in acting
Chapter 586 Angry Cang Ling
Chapter 585 Open the market cave
Chapter 584 This is what you forced
Chapter 583 Really all dead
Chapter 582 Absurd to die
Chapter 581 Enterprise-level conclusion
Chapter 580 Do you want to die?
Chapter 579 The machine must not stall
Chapter 578 Just one sentence
Chapter 577 Connect 2 mountains
Chapter 576 9 sword masters
Chapter 575 More motivated
Chapter 574 Let him overcome himself?
Chapter 573 Wood Sword Master
Chapter 572 Rank 9 Jianxin
Chapter 571 Betrayer in sword repair
Chapter 570 Late Zhundi
Chapter 569 The only ally
Chapter 568 Why so desperate
Chapter 567 Fortunately
Chapter 566 Jie Xin is so honest and cheating
Chapter 565 Can you make 9 elixir?
Chapter 564 Was actually regarded as a liar?
Chapter 563 Triumphant fairy emperors
Chapter 562 Xianzhiyuan
Chapter 561 Cant come for nothing
Chapter 560 Li Junlang stunned by happiness
Chapter 559 Is he a rogue
Chapter 558 You plague
Chapter 557 Worthy of being an emperor
Chapter 556 They are so hospitable
Chapter 555 And you slip through the net
Chapter 554 Peoples kindness
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