[MT]Here Comes the Immortal Swordsman

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[MT]Here Comes the Immortal Swordsman Read Novel Translation for Here Comes the Immortal Swordsman / 剑仙在此 RAW in English. After Lin Beichen was kind enough to save a man, the man who called himself “Death” forced him to receive a mobile phone in return for his kindness. Then Lin Beichen’s magical journey began. His soul traveled through time and space. However, an unexpected disaster soon befell Lin Beichen before he could find a clue […]

Latest chapter:Chapter 1717: Chi Yan Xing Zun

Updated:2021-12-01 12:43

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《[MT]Here Comes the Immortal Swordsman》latest chapter

Chapter 1717: Chi Yan Xing Zun
Chapter 1716: break
Chapter 1715: Acting Wife
Chapter 1714: Just rely on you two?
Chapter 1713: Push door
Chapter 1712: Comfort ancestors
Chapter 1711: Lin Beichen is dumbfounded
Chapter 1710: Four treasures
Chapter 1709: Final day
Chapter 1708: Heaven and earth milk
Chapter 1707: Crazy CP
Chapter 1706: Special opening method
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《[MT]Here Comes the Immortal Swordsman》All Chapters List

Chapter 1040 Divine Consciousness Fire
Chapter 1039 After the war
Chapter 1038 Beasts, or beasts inferior?
Chapter 1037 Beautiful little young woman
Chapter 1036 I have a condition
Chapter 1035 Rich man
Chapter 1034 How much is a spray?
Chapter 1033 Disaster and hope
Chapter 1032 Soft rice
Chapter 1031 Mabuchi
Chapter 1030 Master the core technology
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Chapter 1028 Group annihilation
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Chapter 1026 Things are going up
Chapter 1025 I can detoxify
Chapter 1024 A hundred mouths
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Chapter 1019 The first beauty in the Northwest Region
Chapter 1018 Double god
Chapter 1017 First meeting with Jian Xue Wuming
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Chapter 1007 Broken continent
Chapter 1006 Go back door
Chapter 1005 Free ticket
Chapter 1004 Death of All Souls
Chapter 1003 Got a power leveling?
Chapter 1002 Inheritance
Chapter 1001 True form
Chapter 1000 Indulge unruly love freedom
Chapter 999 Old Dings vest
Chapter 998 Borrow a pig
Chapter 997 The hunt officially begins
Chapter 996 Qin priest reappears
~ Release Notes
Chapter 995 But also annoying
Chapter 995 Dead like a joke
Chapter 994 Behead
Chapter 993 I got stronger
Chapter 992 Fall
Chapter 991 Xingtian State
Chapter 990 Power projection
~ Brothers have to take a leave today
Chapter 989 There is no resistance under the heaven
Chapter 988 Stop it, Azu
Chapter 987 Killing a man is like killing a pig
Chapter 986 A hundred swords come out
~ Help
Chapter 985 Dont come to help?
Chapter 984 Old iron, you lost this sword?
Chapter 983 Kojin Ordinance
~ Release Notes
Chapter 982 Fairy fight
Chapter 981 Need for noble son
Chapter 980 Who can conquer the half son
Chapter 979 I believe her
Chapter 966 Burning Baiyun City
Chapter 965 Are you a sword body
Chapter 964 Immortal Sword Master
Chapter 963 Eighth-level Celestial
Chapter 962 I came to apprentice
Chapter 961 The power of sword formation
Chapter 960 bloody battle
Chapter 959 The beginning of bloodshed
Chapter 958 Strong development ability
~ Release Notes
Chapter 957 Second state
Chapter 957 professional
Chapter 956 Before the war
Chapter 955 Card BUG
Chapter 954 Do you desire power?
Chapter 953 Im lame first
Chapter 952 Even touch acceleration task
Chapter 951 What did you see in it
Chapter 950 Great Sword Savage
Chapter 949 Passion of fire
Chapter 948 No hairs
Chapter 947 Sword mound
Chapter 946 Hard work
Chapter 945 Wei He
Chapter 948 No hairs
Chapter 944 Zombies?
Chapter 943 Lu Guanhai
Chapter 942 Have you figured it out
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Chapter 941 Was offended again
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Chapter 939 Take the wrong script?
Chapter 938 Not big
Chapter 937 So you guys look down on me
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