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[MT]Dragon Tamer Read Raw Translation for Dragon Tamer / 牧龙师 in English. *It’s another novel from the author of Versatile Mage* — Any creature on this continent has a chance to transform into a dragon. Rumor has it that every life has its own dragon gate, after jumping over it, it looks like the sun and the moon, dazzlingly brilliant. The same is true for people. The […]

Latest chapter:Chapter 1236: It's not god

Updated:2021-11-23 05:20

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《[MT]Dragon Tamer》latest chapter

Chapter 1236: It's not god
Chapter 1235: Celestial being
Chapter 1234: Green sun
Chapter 1233: Which one is more untrue?
Chapter 1232: Sword Vein Miracle
Chapter 1231: Tianxu
Chapter 1230: Mantra Seal
Chapter 1229: Standing Buddha
Chapter 1228: Fearless Sword
Chapter 1227: Finally to
Chapter 1226: Valkyrie
Chapter 1225: Xuan Ge God and Li Yunzi
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Chapter 608 Slaughter
Chapter 607 Black sky peak
Chapter 606 Shenjiang
Chapter 605 7 Star God
Chapter 604 This aura, really fragrant
Chapter 603 7 Star God Hua Chou
Chapter 602 Mysterious territory
Chapter 601 Zhu Haomen
Chapter 600 Candidate
Chapter 599 Who is in charge
Chapter 598 Gods and Tianchen
Chapter 597 String sword wire
Chapter 596 Wandering fairy
Chapter 595 Higher Sword Realm
Chapter 594 Astrology Kenori
Chapter 593 Deadly Shadow
Chapter 592 Hades
Chapter 591 Pull the sword to punish Kun
Chapter 590 Black Cha Wu Luan
Chapter 589 Brilliant Black Fighter
Chapter 588 Leave the rest to me
Chapter 587 Bloodbath City-State
Chapter 586 Demon King
Chapter 585 1 thoughts
Chapter 584 The blue thunder is gone
Chapter 583 Grace Dragon Egg
Chapter 582 Xiao Bai Qis awakening
Chapter 581 Gods breath
Chapter 580 Bloody Land
Chapter 579 Earth Demon
Chapter 578 Yin Ling Master Old Slave
Chapter 577 Who is dad
Chapter 576 Battle of Vengeance
Chapter 575 Ancient Relic Temple
~ Take a leave today and make up tomorrow
Chapter 574 Respect the strong
Chapter 573 You are suitable to be a beast
Chapter 572 Jianzha
Chapter 571 Evil dragon
Chapter 570 My fate
Chapter 569 grace
Chapter 568 The strength of the head of the clan
Chapter 567 Qing Lei
Chapter 566 Soaring
Chapter 565 Iron mausoleum
Chapter 564 Let go
Chapter 563 People of the Divine Bird
Chapter 562 Airspace lightning barrier
Chapter 561 Horror Fly Dragon
Chapter 560 Stone figurines
Chapter 559 Murder
Chapter 558 Go behind me
Chapter 557 Jin Juling
Chapter 556 Meet
Chapter 555 elopement?
Chapter 554 Cloud Wall on Silver Ridge
Chapter 553 Cant leave the army
Chapter 552 Horsefly
Chapter 551 Silent death
Chapter 550 The head of the sword
Chapter 549 Go out
Chapter 548 Do you eat candied haws?
Chapter 547 The Dragon Shepherd has to form a team?
Chapter 546 Good deceive
Chapter 545 Do you have an opinion?
Chapter 544 Back wing guard
Chapter 543 Iwatoshi, Sanwanglong
Chapter 542 Wife Guardian
Chapter 541 Dont know good or bad
Chapter 540 It takes no effort
Chapter 539 Void Crystal
Chapter 538 Myojin religion
Chapter 537 Corpse claim
Chapter 536 Ink pen flying soul
Chapter 535 Yuanjia Road is narrow
Chapter 534 Swordsmanship
Chapter 533 Nether dog
Chapter 532 Man of heaven
Chapter 531 Jie Ling cultivated as fruit tree
Chapter 530 Seize the soul
Chapter 529 Time wave
Chapter 528 Consequences of failure
Chapter 527 Painting in the forest
Chapter 526 Stove dragon
Chapter 525 I really want to be a beast
Chapter 524 Sudden emergence
Chapter 523 Jielongmen
Chapter 522 Next battle book
Chapter 521 Lichuan
Chapter 520 1 door
Chapter 519 Ryosen Oni
Chapter 518 Crushed into mud
Chapter 517 Beidou Sword
Chapter 516 Earth fairy
Chapter 515 Tomb Shen Jian, Tian Tomb
Chapter 514 Now learning swordsmanship
Chapter 513 Sword God Hot Hand
Chapter 512 Savage Demon
Chapter 511 Moriyama
Chapter 510 Attack the mountain
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