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[MT]My Cloud Girlfriend Online我的云养女友 “Yun Yang (Cloud Nurture)” is an emerging form of entertainment. Generally, it refers to people who are unable to raise their own cats, dogs, or pets due to conditions, and use the Internet to raise these pets remotely to obtain psychological pleasure. In the raising process, these people will also feed, or give rewards, and participate in the raising process. It’s like owning this pet. However, professional player Chen Yan accidentally played a game of [Yuny...

Latest chapter:Chapter 388: The little fairy Luman is back~~

Updated:2021-11-22 17:01

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《[MT]My Cloud Girlfriend Online》latest chapter

Chapter 388: The little fairy Luman is back~~
Chapter 521: Forced card purchase takes effect
Chapter 520: We can be so cryptic
Chapter 519: Zhang Yonghao: Is Chen Yan's money wrong?
Chapter 518: You must be Jinwu Cangjiao
Chapter 517: Time management master
Chapter 516: The queen sees the queen?
Chapter 515: Clever plan
Chapter 514: "Tiandu" and "Qindao"
Chapter 513: It's not a secret
Chapter 512: Fight in secret, each with a ghost
Chapter 511: I should call your brother-in-law, right?
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Chapter 443: You men. It's greedy...
Chapter 444: The 4th Yunyang Girlfriend with a Direct Friendship Limit (6,000 words...
Chapter 445: If I did something wrong, would you forgive me?
Chapter 446: Lu Man: Let's start with "He" (6,000 words)
Chapter 447: Do cinderella dreams
Chapter 448: She just needs a reason to stay (6,000 words)
Chapter 449: Manman, are you pregnant?
Chapter 450: Lu Man: So I am a poor man?
Chapter 451: The real truth about Yang Rou back then
Chapter 452: She is so eager to have a dad
Chapter 453: Isn't Yang Rou that young woman author? (Six thousand)
Chapter 454: Lu Man: He Mengxue and Yang Rou, who do you choose?
Chapter 455: Women's war
Chapter 456: I can't sleep lately, can you help me? (ten thousand…
Chapter 457: Sudden changes in the situation, strong suppression
Chapter 458: Unexpected Polaroid results
Chapter 459: Slap, slap, slap!
Chapter 460: He is my brother!
Chapter 461: Why does Mengxue take revenge and continue to slap her face
Chapter 462: Don't you want to get me drunk?
Chapter 463: What blood type will our child have?
Chapter 464: Formo Ying discovered Chen Yan's secret
Chapter 465: Zhao Xuan is still alive?
Chapter 466: Yang Rou took the wrong medicine
Chapter 467: Madam, I like you!
Chapter 468: A love letter to one person (Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!)
Chapter 469: Misunderstanding between mother and daughter
Chapter 1: Yun Yang Girlfriend Game
Chapter 2: Is the game real?
Chapter 3: Money-swiping baby plan
Chapter 5: Don't send
Chapter 6: Confession
Chapter 7: Large-scale feeding plan
Chapter 8: I lied to you
Chapter 9: reasonable
Chapter 10: father
Chapter 11: Wrapped up
Chapter 12: Chen Panan
Chapter 13: Yu Qiaoqiao's awakening
Chapter 14: 2 special props
Chapter 15: Haoheng
Chapter 16: gift
Chapter 17: The date begins
Chapter 18: Phone first
Chapter 19: Tips for giving things
Chapter 20: Just afraid of trouble
Chapter 21: Sisters' discovery
Chapter 22: like
Chapter 23: Thanks for your hard work, boss Qiaoqiao
Chapter 24: Showdown
Chapter 25: Buy something
Chapter 26: I only look at the price when I buy a car
Chapter 27: White Rabbit Toffee
Chapter 28: No way? No way?
Chapter 29: New features unlocked
Chapter 30: Gold-worship girl
Chapter 31: Car delivery plan
Chapter 32: Home stolen
Chapter 33: Friendly?
Chapter 34: eat
Chapter 35: Cleverly join
Chapter 36: I do
Chapter 37: Liar family
Chapter 38: Caught on the spot
Chapter 39: Inform
Chapter 40: Borrowed the "Slaying Dragon Knife"
Chapter 41: meet
Chapter 42: When is a man the most handsome?
Chapter 43: Strawberry
Chapter 47: Lose money
Chapter 48: Lu Man
Chapter 49: Delivery?
Chapter 50: Help!
Chapter 51: 1 night
Chapter 52: misunderstanding
Chapter 53: hold
Chapter 54: You are not right
Chapter 55: Was found
Chapter 56: New wool
Chapter 57: 1 point can't be less
Chapter 58: President novel victim
Chapter 59: Gang committing crimes
Chapter 60: contract
Chapter 61: You really caught my attention
Chapter 62: Favorability-Three
Chapter 63: Passion of love
Chapter 64: dream
Chapter 65: You are the key person
Chapter 66: cooked rice
Chapter 67: drunk
Chapter 68: sleep
Chapter 69: sweet
Chapter 70: Pinch face
Chapter 71: schedule
Chapter 72: Propaganda
Chapter 73: Hi for 1 night
Chapter 74: Play fine
Chapter 75: 3 views follow 5 officials
Chapter 76: Sister wants to do something big! (I wish you all a Happy New Year!)
Chapter 77: 0 million promotion (Happy New Year!!)
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