[MT]War Emperor

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[MT]War Emperor战皇 The down-and-out prince of the dynasty was framed and demoted as a tomb sweeper. Unexpectedly, he got the first emperor’s unique learning, and from then on, he embarked on the road of supremacy, advancing singly and marching into the sky. Ask the boundless earth, who is responsible for ups and downs, nine heavens and ten earths, but I dominate! A generation of teenagers, rebirth from adversity, blooming brilliance, illuminating the vast rivers and mountains, and becoming the Kin...

Latest chapter:Chapter 2366: Horizontal push

Updated:2021-11-22 17:18

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《[MT]War Emperor》latest chapter

Chapter 2366: Horizontal push
Chapter 2365: Really strong level
Chapter 2363: insidious
Chapter 2362: Innate human race
Chapter 2361: Big array
Chapter 2360: The strength of Shangguan Xiyun
Chapter 2359: Luo Hu Cannian
Chapter 2358: In the Ancient God Realm
Chapter 2357: Xiyun's great opportunity
Chapter 2356: The power of imperial mountain
Chapter 2355: The duel between Nuwa and Yuanshi
Chapter 2354: Nuwa is here
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《[MT]War Emperor》All Chapters List

Chapter 1: Downfall Prince
Chapter 2: "Chaotic Good Fortune Secret"
Chapter 3: Weapon Hall
Chapter 4: Admiring
Chapter 5: Night talk
Chapter 6: War Skill Cliff
Chapter 7: Weird swordsmanship
Chapter 8: sensation
Chapter 9: The power of the sword appears
Chapter 10: Concubine East, Huangjia Longchi
Chapter 11: Penance Swordsmanship
Chapter 12: Dynasty Tournament Arrival
Chapter 13: Crowded
Chapter 14: Lord Guli
Chapter 15: The match begins
Chapter 16: Full of skills
Chapter 17: Challenge Lin Tianlong
Chapter 18: Swordsmanship
Chapter 19: Abandoned Forest Tianlong
Chapter 20: Wuba
Chapter 21: The truth is revealed
Chapter 22: Identity return
Chapter 23: Royal Dragon Pond
Chapter 24: Fragrant under the pool
Chapter 25: National Academy
Chapter 26: Swordsmanship
Chapter 27: Temper
Chapter 28: Full of skills
Chapter 29: Mysterious ancient furnace
Chapter 30: Five Heavens
Chapter 31: The first encounter is speechless
Chapter 32: Dragon Elephant Howling Archery
Chapter 33: Temple of Heaven
Chapter 34: Mysterious master?
Chapter 35: Royal dinner
Chapter 36: Sword-forging furnace
Chapter 37: I got a stone pendant
Chapter 38: Breakthrough before the conference
Chapter 39: Dragon Hunting Conference
Chapter 40: Chic appearance
Chapter 41: Archery rolling is silent
Chapter 42: Vs. Yantuo
Chapter 43: Win
Chapter 44: Millennium Mulberry Tree
Chapter 45: Understand grievances?
Chapter 46: Dragon beast appears
Chapter 47: Powerful Chaos Creation Technique
Chapter 48: Shock
Chapter 49: Dragon Hunting Championship
Chapter 50: Legend of the Land
Chapter 51: The legendary treasure house
Chapter 52: Major breakthrough
Chapter 53: Domineering Thor Fist
Chapter 54: Attack of Mangtian
Chapter 55: The duel of the powerhouse of the gods
Chapter 56: Tianlei Valley Training
Chapter 57: Powerful Thor Fist
Chapter 58: Three geniuses in the eastern region-Bingfeng
Chapter 59: Nine soldier shadows rise to power
Chapter 60: Power of the gods
Chapter 61: The role of Kaitian Illustrated Book
Chapter 62: Dynasty
Chapter 63: Yan Shenzong Banquet
Chapter 64: Strangers
Chapter 65: Experts are present?
Chapter 66: Flame God Death Curse
Chapter 67: Shock the heroes
Chapter 68: Yu Wei
Chapter 69: Departure Frontier
Chapter 70: Xuanyuan Heavenly Kingdom
Chapter 71: The sadness of captivity
Chapter 72: The world in the treasure house
Chapter 73: Bingfeng
Chapter 74: Mysterious bronze piece
Chapter 75: Moyazi
Chapter 76: Volcanic zone
Chapter 77: Team up against the enemy
Chapter 78: Showdown with the Miko
Chapter 79: Fire python go crazy
Chapter 80: Help break through
Chapter 81: angry
Chapter 82: Broken arm humiliation
Chapter 83: Four spoons out
Chapter 84: Three major gains
Chapter 85: Shendan Cannon
Chapter 86: Conspiracy of Tiandaomen
Chapter 87: Control the big array
Chapter 88: Three-year period
Chapter 89: Legend of the Heavens
Chapter 90: Seventh Heaven
Chapter 91: The lonely expert comes
Chapter 92: Accept disciples
Chapter 93: Xianhuangya
Chapter 94: Jian Wushuang Challenge
Chapter 95: Raptor valley
Chapter 96: Raptor sharpened
Chapter 97: Nine Heavens
Chapter 98: The challenge comes
Chapter 99: Fierce confrontation
Chapter 100: Jian Wushuang's breakthrough
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