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[MT]Back to 1990重回1990 The billionaire Lu Feng, who had become famous, went back to 1990 unexpectedly. He was a little confused when he looked at his cute daughter. What’s more, what was going on with this beautiful wife? Re-live it, don’t make money too simple. He must not only climb to the top of wealth, but also teach the business godfather to make money, by the way, guide the future richest man to start a business, and then stand on the top of the world. You all like to call rich fathers, and L...

Latest chapter:Chapter 868: Wall Street does not believe in tears

Updated:2021-11-22 17:00

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Chapter 868: Wall Street does not believe in tears
Chapter 867: Reach an agreement
Chapter 375: Back to the factory
Chapter 374: Where did you go?
Chapter 373: Wenqing is sick
Chapter 888: cooperate
Chapter 887: It was her! !
Chapter 886: Pattaya
Chapter 885: Framing
Chapter 884: Charon
Chapter 883: Landing
Chapter 882: Emergencies
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Chapter 1: Rebirth?
Chapter 2: hope
Chapter 3: left behind
Chapter 4: Brothers are used to pit
Chapter 5: Deceive
Chapter 6: Windfall
Chapter 7: A lot of questions
Chapter 8: Semi-automatic packaging machine
Chapter 9: Li Dafang's revenge
Chapter 10: Li Yi
Chapter 11: Leaking
Chapter 12: What did I miss?
Chapter 13: Everything is ready
Chapter 14: Official production
Chapter 15: Dinner
Chapter 16: Jiang Xiaoyan's inferiority complex
Chapter 17: You have to apologize to me
Chapter 18: Mr. Lu?
Chapter 19: Market explosion
Chapter 20: Lucrative profit
Chapter 21: Give me another 10 days
Chapter 22: 150000
Chapter 23: Get beaten up
Chapter 24: I hit it!
Chapter 25: Ren 0 Bo is here
Chapter 26: Puncture
Chapter 27: Anti-eye
Chapter 28: Kick the door
Chapter 29: Are you threatening me?
Chapter 30: I am his elder brother
Chapter 31: Lu Feng's ruthless
Chapter 32: Happy too early
Chapter 33: Give a big gift
Chapter 34: Talents
Chapter 35: Gao Zhiwei's hesitation
Chapter 36: 'brothers'
Chapter 37: move
Chapter 38: In front of the theater
Chapter 39: fool
Chapter 40: Camry established
Chapter 41: Inform Gao Zhiwei
Chapter 42: Bet!
Chapter 43: Maybe there will be a miracle
Chapter 44: Dinner
Chapter 45: Started talking nonsense
Chapter 46: Skin test
Chapter 47: rumor
Chapter 48: public opinion
Chapter 49: President Huang's shock
Chapter 50: Don't want you to be so tired
Chapter 51: Where is the confidence?
Chapter 52: Heart-to-heart
Chapter 53: The tear of crocodile
Chapter 54: Jiang Xiaoyan's suspicion
Chapter 55: Several billion temperament
Chapter 56: I want to struggle again
Chapter 57: Half-brother
Chapter 58: Last Stand
Chapter 59: The last moment
Chapter 60: See the light at last!
Chapter 61: Rijindoujin
Chapter 62: Raw material processing
Chapter 63: First arrival
Chapter 64: Repay grievances with virtue
Chapter 65: Qian Zhongnan
Chapter 66: A good show is on
Chapter 67: Chaos
Chapter 68: Imperial room
Chapter 69: Feast alone
Chapter 70: Granddaughter of King 3
Chapter 71: question
Chapter 72: Extreme pressure
Chapter 73: reply ASAP
Chapter 74: Savior is coming
Chapter 75: I nima
Chapter 76: See also Zuo Weimin
Chapter 77: My people are coming
Chapter 78: Shock
Chapter 79: Zuo Weimin is dead
Chapter 80: 30 years in Hedong, 30 years in Hexi
Chapter 81: I lost my wife and broke down again
Chapter 82: Are you threatening me?
Chapter 83: Reciprocate
Chapter 84: Bidding
Chapter 85: Come back home
Chapter 86: expansion
Chapter 87: Crazy
Chapter 88: Lu Feng is angry
Chapter 89: Noble
Chapter 90: Jiang Xiaoyan was insulted
Chapter 91: Free to contact
Chapter 92: Don't you lose your conscience?
Chapter 93: A lot of fun
Chapter 94: Jiang Xiaohong
Chapter 95: Sister-in-law is here
Chapter 96: Who is it?
Chapter 97: Wretched
Chapter 98: Night talk
Chapter 99: Old acquaintance
Chapter 100: 3 view all ruined
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