[MT]The Special Forces King In The Mountain Village

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[MT]The Special Forces King In The Mountain Village特种兵王在山村 He is the strongest soldier of the Chinese Special Forces, and the ultimate demon in the eyes of the enemy. Now he is disarmed and returned to the fields, returning to agriculture and forestry, hiding in remote mountain villages and enjoying a peaceful life. However, gold always shines, pure white and rich beauty wants to marry him, the president of Meiyan wants him to be his lover, and the hot police flower always wants to take him as his own, which makes the village chief ve...

Latest chapter:Chapter 1931: Yao Lao mistaken me

Updated:2021-11-22 17:05

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《[MT]The Special Forces King In The Mountain Village》latest chapter

Chapter 1931: Yao Lao mistaken me
Chapter 1526: Sudden attack
Chapter 1117: I'll help with this
Chapter 929: Take down the heaven and earth
Chapter 624: Really has a leg
Chapter 623: apologize
Chapter 622: Sell ??mobile phones
Chapter 621: The reason
Chapter 404: Heaven and Earth
Chapter 403: Loan application approved
Chapter 402: Ye Qiu's thoughts
Chapter 401: do you know it?
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《[MT]The Special Forces King In The Mountain Village》All Chapters List

Chapter 3642: Caught
Chapter 3643: The murderer behind the scenes?
Chapter 3644: Sorcerer Master
Chapter 3645: Over but not over
Chapter 3646: Reverberation
Chapter 3647: Its daybreak
Chapter 3648: Chen Qingyun summoned
Chapter 3649: Chen Qingyun's suspicion
Chapter 3650: Daqingshan situation
Chapter 3651: Finally contacted
Chapter 3652: Ye Qiu's trump card
Chapter 3653: I'm ready
Chapter 3654: Winner
Chapter 3655: Furious
Chapter 3656: This woman is not easy
Chapter 3657: Like a clown
Chapter 3658: All against me
Chapter 3659: Corpse Gu
Chapter 3660: Gushu World
Chapter 3661: Sit on the sidelines
Chapter 3662: Lonely
Chapter 3663: Whimsical
Chapter 3664: Elder Mo was shocked
Chapter 3665: Orcs
Chapter 3666: Crazy woman
Chapter 3667: Lodging
Chapter 3668: Run away
Chapter 3669: notebook
Chapter 3670: Patient 1
Chapter 3671: Amazing content
Chapter 3672: Two coffins
Chapter 3673: Matryoshka?
Chapter 3674: Reappearance of Corpse Gu
Chapter 3675: Wrong sentiment
Chapter 3676: The third corpse Gu
Chapter 3677: see through
Chapter 3678: Speculation error
Chapter 3679: the truth
Chapter 3680: We are all voluntary
Chapter 3681: Living corpse
Chapter 3682: Treacherous
Chapter 3683: Appearance of the trick
Chapter 3684: Yang Xu's backhand
Chapter 3685: Unstoppable
Chapter 3686: Yang Xu
Chapter 3687: You really have a foresight
Chapter 3688: robbery
Chapter 3689: Two sacred dragons
Chapter 3690: Meet brothers
Chapter 3691: Wolong and phoenix chicks
Chapter 3692: Passionate Zhai Shengzi
Chapter 3693: I really don't understand
Chapter 3694: I'm so heartbroken
Chapter 3695: Love
Chapter 3696: market place
Chapter 3697: Set up
Chapter 3698: Bang!
Chapter 3699: I humiliated myself
Chapter 3700: Oh it's you
Chapter 3701: I know how many
Chapter 3702: One time
Chapter 3703: Liu Qing who doubts life
Chapter 3704: Ye Qiu who doubts life
Chapter 3705: Witchcraft structure
Chapter 3706: Li Tianshen
Chapter 3707: Tentative
Chapter 3708: Set out
Chapter 3709: Calculate
Chapter 3710: flaw
Chapter 3711: One generation is not as good as one generation
Chapter 3712: See also notebook
Chapter 3713: Show up
Chapter 3714: What i do best
Chapter 1: Beauty secretary
Chapter 2: Are you the village chief?
Chapter 4: Ye Qiu's Cooking Skills
Chapter 5: Bus to save the beauty
Chapter 6: Agricultural wholesale market
Chapter 7: The price of wild mountain mushrooms
Chapter 8: You take advantage
Chapter 9: Mayor of Tianguang City
Chapter 10: Drag racing
Chapter 11: Phantom, the light of Wuling!
Chapter 12: Excited Xu Xiuying
Chapter 13: Dust in the Pearl
Chapter 14: Mobilize villagers
Chapter 15: Villagers questioned
Chapter 16: Seo Xiuying's selfie
Chapter 17: Goodbye Bai Ruling
Chapter 18: Finalize the contract
Chapter 19: Yun Fanghua
Chapter 20: Try to sleep
Chapter 21: Excited
Chapter 22: Peeking was found
Chapter 23: Misunderstood
Chapter 24: People from the Electric Power Bureau
Chapter 25: Hard work
Chapter 26: I am the village head
Chapter 27: Domineering village chief
Chapter 28: Is this a silly dog?
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