[MT]Global Deity: From Zerg Believer to Pluralism

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[MT]Global Deity: From Zerg Believer to Pluralism全球神袛:从虫族信徒到多元主宰 Lu Yuan, who played games all night, traveled to a super-fantasy + super-sci-fi world where everyone can become a god, ignite the fire, and condense the gods. At the beginning of the game, he was deceived by the good brother of the intermediate resource card, and he also chose the desert worm that only multiplied and had no attack power as a believer. Fortunately, activating the small auxiliary start of the system allowed the desert worm to mutate Desert worm...

Latest chapter:Chapter 557: Wait for 1 person to come back

Updated:2021-11-24 04:15

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《[MT]Global Deity: From Zerg Believer to Pluralism》latest chapter

Chapter 557: Wait for 1 person to come back
Chapter 556: The 1st Saint of Kunlun [Thanks to Jiang Baoshen? For the support of the leader]
Chapter 555: Today, I am sanctified
Chapter 554: Girlfriend You Ye asked me to leave
Chapter 553: Closed for 0 years
Chapter 552: Help me be sanctified
Chapter 551: The catastrophe comes
Chapter 550: Goodbye, I hope not forever
Chapter 549: Pave the way to sanctification
Chapter 548: Human life
Chapter 547: Birth, old age, sickness and death, what you have to face is the last illness and death
Chapter 546: Happiness from the bottom of my heart
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