[MT]The Wandering Planet

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[MT]The Wandering Planet会穿越的流浪星球 What happens when the stray earth travels to the infinite world? Three-Fleet Fleet: “All return, the earth rushed towards us!” Decepticon: “Who can stand this?” Planet Devourer: “Yesterday I lost to a terrestrial planet in the solar system. It crossed the corner with a gravitational slingshot. It escaped very quickly. I only saw the blue planetary engine tail flame … Mining ore in Avatar World, resisting Zerg invasion in StarCraft, and ...

Latest chapter:Chapter 512: Scheming

Updated:2021-11-23 06:11

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《[MT]The Wandering Planet》latest chapter

Chapter 512: Scheming
Chapter 511: Wash the essence
Chapter 510: Ye Fan
Chapter 509: Donghuang 19
Chapter 508: Braised Jinpeng
Chapter 507: Jinpeng
Chapter 506: White Fox Spirit
Chapter 505: Strong combat power
Chapter 504: Taiyi Golden Immortal
Chapter 503: Powerful Liu Jiang
Chapter 502: Immortal Emperor War
Chapter 462: Zhou Lanxi
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《[MT]The Wandering Planet》All Chapters List

Chapter 1: Bodhi Marble Tree
Chapter 2: Crazy scalloped wool
Chapter 3: Yang Bao
Chapter 4: 1 punch and 1 punch, can't stop at all
Chapter 5: Swimming Dragon Body Technique Dacheng
Chapter 6: Sentimental Soul Stone
Chapter 7: I met Zhu Xiaozhu for the first time
Chapter 8: Wu Geng
Chapter 9: Start of assessment
Chapter 10: good looking
Chapter 11: 1 Defeat Yang Bao
Chapter 12: Harvest
Chapter 13: Crying
Chapter 14: Trivial warfare
Chapter 15: The assessment is over and won the first place
Chapter 16: Misty Fairy
Chapter 17: Earth-level spells, lightning strike
Chapter 18: Dreamland Fruit
Chapter 19: Yang Wen's nightmare
Chapter 20: Take office
Chapter 21: Zhang 2 dogs
Chapter 22: Punish Zhang 2 dogs
Chapter 23: Wang Xiaoyu
Chapter 24: family
Chapter 25: Yang Cheng gives gifts
Chapter 26: Successive visits
Chapter 27: Yang Wen apologizes
Chapter 28: Bronze 1 star pinnacle
Chapter 29: Toad Essence
Chapter 30: Myriad Monsters
Chapter 31: Fierce battle
Chapter 32: Yang Fei
Chapter 33: A fulfilling day
Chapter 34: situation
Chapter 35: Merit, forging fruit
Chapter 36: Clever use of the fruit of degeneracy
Chapter 37: Physical strength skyrocketing
Chapter 38: Emotional anger
Chapter 39: Thunder Wing Demon King
Chapter 40: Goal, the town of Xuanyun
Chapter 41: Zhao Laoxiu who is happy and sad
Chapter 42: 3 days later
Chapter 43: Soaring combat power
Chapter 44: The monster strikes
Chapter 45: Carnival feast
Chapter 46: The silly group of monsters, the silly 0 surname
Chapter 47: Spike pig 3 cannons
Chapter 48: Super harvest
Chapter 49: Silver 3-star peak, soaring combat power
Chapter 50: Great credit
Chapter 51: Zhao Laoxiu's guess
Chapter 52: Help 0 family name repair house
Chapter 53: Wang Xiaoyu
Chapter 54: Zongze
Chapter 55: Palace Lord Zongze
Chapter 56: Become Director One
Chapter 57: Become Director Two
Chapter 58: Become Director Three
Chapter 59: Set up a killing array
Chapter 60: Director Liu
Chapter 61: Tian Li
Chapter 62: Completely throw away the shopkeeper
Chapter 63: Love
Chapter 64: Spending money arbitrarily
Chapter 65: Spending money arbitrarily, the town carnival
Chapter 66: Harvest
Chapter 67: Tour the street, chance encounter Zhang 2 dogs
Chapter 68: Wang Xiaoyu
Chapter 69: The sensible Wang Xiaoyu
Chapter 70: Manghe
Chapter 71: Wicked, I don't think you are a human being
Chapter 72: Why didn't you say it earlier?
Chapter 73: Inspectorate, Zhang Daliang
Chapter 74: Zhang Daliang's comfort and envy
Chapter 75: Zhu Shi who doubts life
Chapter 76: Interrogation Boa Demon
Chapter 77: Mang He
Chapter 78: The Broken Bao Hua
Chapter 79: Manghe opens one
Chapter 80: Manghe opening two
Chapter 81: Black crowned golden eagle
Chapter 82: Escape One
Chapter 83: Escape Technique II
Chapter 84: 0 Magic Book
Chapter 85: Practice Escape
Chapter 86: Entry-level escape
Chapter 87: Nuan Xiangge
Chapter 88: Flower Fairy, Xiong Rui?
Chapter 89: Beat Flower Fairy
Chapter 90: Madly brush grievances
Chapter 91: Fear
Chapter 92: The broken people
Chapter 93: Parade
Chapter 94: Encircle and suppress the wolf demon
Chapter 95: Encircle and Suppress Thunder Wing Demon King
Chapter 96: Blood crystal
Chapter 97: Demon Wolf Refining Essence and Blood Crystal
Chapter 98: 0Introduction to the Magic Book One
Chapter 99: 0 Introduction to Phantom Magic II
Chapter 100: Help people clear the filth in their hearts
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