[MT]God-level Recovery, People in the Crypt, Violent Strikes Billions of Times

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[MT]God-level Recovery, People in the Crypt, Violent Strikes Billions of Times神级回收,人在地窟,亿万倍暴击 There are countless fierce beasts in the cave world! Ye Nan crosses the Blue Star and obtains a multi-million-fold crit recovery system. Ten times, twenty times, thirty times… billions of times crit! In the crypt, Ye Nan looked at a grandmaster-level fierce beast golden armor monitor lizard. “Ding! Recovery succeeded!” “A million times crit!” “One billion yuan stone!” “Emperor Rank War Sword Chi Yan!” ...

Latest chapter:Chapter 519: There is a powerful beast ahead

Updated:2021-11-30 15:06

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《[MT]God-level Recovery, People in the Crypt, Violent Strikes Billions of Times》latest chapter

Chapter 519: There is a powerful beast ahead
Chapter 296: Into the King of Chaos Haidi Cave
Chapter 771: Leader of the Red Mountain
Chapter 770: Fourth-order star holy beast
Chapter 769: Bloody Red Mountain where the beasts gather
Chapter 765: Arrived at Lin's house
Chapter 764: Kill the fifth-order star holy beast
Chapter 763: Tier 5 Star Sacred Beast
Chapter 768: Destroy the top leaders of the Wang family
Chapter 767: Wang Hua
Chapter 766: Patriarch Lin is back
Chapter 762: Five-headed Tier 3 Star Saint-level Fierce Beast
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《[MT]God-level Recovery, People in the Crypt, Violent Strikes Billions of Times》All Chapters List

Chapter 1: Billions of times crit recovery system
Chapter 2: Ancheng, the beast appears
Chapter 3: Crazy Shadow Fist, 30 times crit
Chapter 4: Recycling Crazy, Titan Wolf
Chapter 5: Inferior flame talent, seeking wealth and danger
Chapter 6: Enter the crypt, Blood Demon Sirius Experience Card
Chapter 7: Play as the blood demon Sirius, the lair of the black jungle beasts
Chapter 8: Massacre of the Scarlet-Blood Ant Clan
Chapter 9: The barbarous steel cattle clan, the whole army was wiped out
Chapter 10: The Great Fire Dragon Technique, slaughter the black dense forest lair
Chapter 11: In the depths of the crypt, Valanga City
Chapter 12: Kill hundreds of blood shadow beasts
Chapter 13: The tenth floor of Heila Cave
Chapter 14: Two thousand beasts
Chapter 15: Breakthrough Grandmaster, Heavenly Dragon Sacred Jue
Chapter 16: Grandmaster-level fierce beast, blue blood monster
Chapter 17: Inferior wind talent
Chapter 18: Master came to Heyuan Community
Chapter 19: Ye Nan is actually the master
Chapter 20: The leader of the Jidao Alliance is here
Chapter 21: Jiangnan Base City, Jidao Alliance
Chapter 22: Zijin Institution, A-level mission
Chapter 23: 400 times crit, Qinggang Mountain mission
Chapter 24: Master of the Third Stage, the power of the Dragon of the Three Realms
Chapter 25: Qinghe Mountains, nine evil lions
Chapter 26: The young master in the Qinghe Mountains
Chapter 27: Jianghe Wuguan, Tenglong Wuguan
Chapter 28: Grand masters gathered in the delivery hall
Chapter 29: Town Magic Stone Clock, Black Winged Fairy Bat
Chapter 30: Eight-Rank Grandmaster-level Fierce Beast
Chapter 31: Break through the seventh stage master and return to Ancheng
Chapter 32: Re-enter the crypt, the two master-level fierce beasts facing each other
Chapter 33: Master of the Eighth Stage, enters Vallan City
Chapter 34: Thousand times crit, Nine-Rank Grandmaster
Chapter 35: The leader of the great city of Valan, the nine-winged monster
Chapter 36: Destroy a crypt by one person
Chapter 37: See you
Chapter 38: Warrior organization, realm emblem
Chapter 39: Deputy Leader of the Jidao Alliance
Chapter 40: Haichun Mountain, Wild Giant Orangutan
Chapter 41: Master of the two base cities
Chapter 42: Zhang Wenyuan was defeated in the battle between the nine-tier masters
Chapter 43: Not enough, not enough, still not enough
Chapter 44: The master of Haiqing base city leaves, and the wild giant gorilla appears
Chapter 45: Kill the wild giant gorilla
Chapter 46: Ultimate cultivation talent, fierce beast blood
Chapter 47: Shocked, there is such a master
Chapter 48: Breakthrough, first-class master
Chapter 49: Jidao Alliance has fierce beast materials
Chapter 50: Inferior swords talent, Haiqing base is in trouble
Chapter 51: The strong from Haiqing Base City are here
Chapter 52: The super power of Jiangnan Base City is about to take action
Chapter 53: Fighting, the more outrageous Master Ye Nan passed on
Chapter 54: Battle against the strong of Haiqing base city
Chapter 55: Feng Luo yelled, you lunatic
Chapter 56: Accident in Haiqing Base City
Chapter 57: Enter the crypt of Haiqing base city
Chapter 58: First-Rank Grandmaster-level Fierce Beast, Purple Gold Demon Tiger
Chapter 59: Horrible recycling reward, black water prison
Chapter 60: Kahn
Chapter 61: Two base cities warriors enter the cave
Chapter 62: The war began, ten thousand times crit
Chapter 63: Ryan, you can't be so strong
Chapter 64: Kill the 4th-Rank Grand Master-level fierce beast in seconds
Chapter 65: Seventh-Rank Grand Master, Colored Lime Blood
Chapter 66: Nanming mountain top, beg thunder strike
Chapter 67: The glazed bones being shaped
Chapter 68: Grandmaster Huang Qing is puzzled, is he still alive after being struck by lightning?
Chapter 69: This is Grand Master Ye Nan
Chapter 70: Liuli golden body shaping success
Chapter 71: I'm here to repay
Chapter 72: Thirty thousand colored glaze cells, second layer of colored glaze body
Chapter 73: Liuli golden body is the king of war
Chapter 74: Wilderness Cave
Chapter 75: The third layer of the colored glaze body
Chapter 76: The fourth layer of the colored glaze body, forty thousand times the critical strike
Chapter 77: The colored glaze cells increase crazily, and the five-layer colored glaze body
Chapter 78: King of war beasts, the model of the overlord devil dragon
Chapter 79: Reclaiming the tail of the Overlord Devil Dragon, a terrifying reward
Chapter 80: Haiqing Base City, outside the city lord's mansion
Chapter 81: Actually, I'm the Great Master of the Ninth Stage
Chapter 82: I can help Haiqing base city
Chapter 83: Black Thunder Mountain, the fifth-tier great master-level fierce beast
Chapter 84: Colored glaze body master
Chapter 85: The most powerful cave in the Dragon Kingdom, Mohai Cavern
Chapter 86: Entering the Demon Sea Caverns, the fierce beasts attack
Chapter 87: Break through the generals, shaking the dragon fist
Chapter 88: Half a million times crit
Chapter 89: Seventh-rank warlord-level fierce beast, violent wind blood wolf
Chapter 90: Yes, catch the thieves first
Chapter 91: 900,000 times crit, eighth rank warrior
Chapter 92: Tangshan let Ye Nan join Qinglong Wuguan
Chapter 93: The daughter of Zhang Wenyuan, Master Nine Class
Chapter 94: Leaving Jiangnan Base City, Chishui Mountains
Chapter 95: Top fire talent
Chapter 96: The crypt in the Chishui Mountains
Chapter 97: Leaving the crypt and heading to the imperial capital
Chapter 98: Tianheng Mission Agency
Chapter 99: Warlord grade beast material, Tangshan identity emblem
Chapter 100: Assault on the Qinglong Pagoda
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