[MT]Someone Speaks Ill of You

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[MT]Someone Speaks Ill of You有人说你坏话 [Some people say bad things about you, points +50] [Someone speaks ill of you in my heart, points +30] If someone speaks badly, you can increase your points. With points, you can receive tasks and exchange item skills. This is a story of a lonely teenager and a lonely girl struggling to survive each other.

Latest chapter:Chapter 450: Little squad leader, so beautiful!

Updated:2021-11-30 15:11

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《[MT]Someone Speaks Ill of You》latest chapter

Chapter 450: Little squad leader, so beautiful!
Chapter 449: The little white tiger spoke XiNShUHaiGe.CoM
Chapter 448: You are my air conditioner
Chapter 447: Social death in front of Luo Jiajia XinShuHaiGE.CoM
Chapter 446: do you like it?
Chapter 445: I don't want a house, I just want you xiNSHuHaiGe.CoM
Chapter 444: The only long-legged bunny
Chapter 443: Two people's new house xinShuHaiGe.CoM
Chapter 442: Luo Jiajia's questioning
Chapter 441: Kiss goodbye XINshuHAiGe.CoM
Chapter 440: Luo Jiajia's Stealing Kiss
Chapter 195: Yushushu! XinShuHaiGE.CoM
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《[MT]Someone Speaks Ill of You》All Chapters List

Chapter 1: Someone speaks ill of you
Chapter 2: task
Chapter 3: Archery
Chapter 4: Grow like summer flowers
Chapter 5: Travel
Chapter 6: lunch
Chapter 7: Monitor
Chapter 8: The wolves are coming
Chapter 9: Come back home
Chapter 10: house
Chapter 11: very good
Chapter 12: Grown up
Chapter 13: ridicule
Chapter 14: Monitor's class
Chapter 15: Luo Fei
Chapter 16: Monitor's request
Chapter 17: Are you awakened?
Chapter 18: new task
Chapter 19: Earn points
Chapter 20: We are friends
Chapter 21: Tong Yanyan's distress
Chapter 22: Renting
Chapter 23: Too polite
Chapter 24: joke
Chapter 25: apologize
Chapter 26: That guy again
Chapter 27: Will succeed
Chapter 28: stay together
Chapter 29: Confession?
Chapter 30: I forgive you
Chapter 31: Will it succeed?
Chapter 32: Chu Feiyang
Chapter 33: Queen of Beauty
Chapter 34: Archer of Metamorphosis
Chapter 35: Awakening
Chapter 36: Couple upstairs
Chapter 37: Girl's laughter
Chapter 38: New tablemate
Chapter 39: let's eat together
Chapter 40: Nocturne
Chapter 41: Piano genius
Chapter 42: Your sister is so beautiful
Chapter 43: I don't know how to fall in love
Chapter 44: Remaining man
Chapter 45: set off!
Chapter 46: Debt repayment
Chapter 47: Sister's Little Whip
Chapter 48: Look at him
Chapter 49: Queens
Chapter 50: I can
Chapter 51: Rat Demon
Chapter 52: Last words
Chapter 53: Viper
Chapter 54: Luo Xuechang
Chapter 55: I'll suck
Chapter 56: Smear
Chapter 57: Underground world
Chapter 58: Poseidon Ancient Country
Chapter 59: Tomb of the Rat King
Chapter 60: Demon Breaker Arrow
Chapter 61: Into the grave
Chapter 62: Rage Rat Demon King
Chapter 63: Escape together
Chapter 64: One sword to kill the demon
Chapter 65: The bed is so big
Chapter 66: Classmate relationship
Chapter 67: Let's fall in love
Chapter 68: What a misunderstanding
Chapter 69: Remaining man
Chapter 80: Ferrule
Chapter 81: As light as a swallow
Chapter 82: Back Mountain Tour
Chapter 83: Escape
Chapter 84: father
Chapter 85: secret
Chapter 86: Lunch with Luo Jiajia
Chapter 87: once
Chapter 88: Evil Awakener
Chapter 89: Buy underwear
Chapter 90: con man
Chapter 91: Haunted
Chapter 92: new house
Chapter 93: Nao
Chapter 94: metamorphosis
Chapter 95: New school uniform
Chapter 96: Go to my house?
Chapter 97: Are you afraid of ghosts?
Chapter 98: new task
Chapter 99: boarding
Chapter 100: Sister's kiss
Chapter 101: sisters
Chapter 102: apologize
Chapter 103: new task
Chapter 104: Hallucinations?
Chapter 105: Sleep with me at night
Chapter 106: Innocent
Chapter 107: Blend into one
Chapter 108: Shimizu family
Chapter 109: Sneak attack in the dark
Chapter 110: break out
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