[MT]Eternal Gate

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[MT]Eternal Gate永恒之门 Gods and demons fought, the worlds collapsed, only eternal immortal realm, lasting in the world. After eternity, a god of war named Zhao Yun condensed the heavens and the earth, recast the cosmos, from the blue to the earth, marked the eternal immortal realm, in the name of the god, the king is over the world. Since then, what he said is a myth.

Latest chapter:Chapter 1273: Escape

Updated:2021-11-22 18:02

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《[MT]Eternal Gate》latest chapter

Chapter 1273: Escape
Chapter 1272: Reverse deduction
Chapter 1271: Buy domain gate
Chapter 1270: Source of stars
Chapter 1269: Made to death
Chapter 1268: Underwater world
Chapter 1267: Devourer's Lair
Chapter 1266: Cooperation to save people
Chapter 1265: This is saved!
Chapter 1264: Way of Heaven: God Sacrifice
Chapter 1263: Origin Blood Talisman
Chapter 1262: Must do
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《[MT]Eternal Gate》All Chapters List

Chapter 1: Blind bride
Chapter 2: The last kindness
Chapter 3: Moon God
Chapter 4: Kaimai Ningyuan
Chapter 5: Bong Cha
Chapter 6: Escape
Chapter 7: Bingpu
Chapter 8: Make money
Chapter 9: Thunder and thunder
Chapter 10: Meteorite
Chapter 11: Long Yuan
Chapter 12: Weapon looting
Chapter 13: Bright young master
Chapter 14: Fengshen Step
Chapter 15: arson
Chapter 16: Join in
Chapter 17: Hot business
Chapter 18: Steal money
Chapter 19: Fortune Seeds
Chapter 20: Wanggu Black Market
Chapter 21: Purple Black Iron
Chapter 22: Yan Laogui
Chapter 23: Old corpse
Chapter 24: Assault Xuanyang Realm
Chapter 25: Ruzi can be taught
Chapter 26: Picture
Chapter 27: What's wrong
Chapter 28: Big flicker
Chapter 29: Pick up a bargain
Chapter 30: Cultivating power
Chapter 31: coming
Chapter 32: Time is wrong
Chapter 33: From the master
Chapter 34: defeat
Chapter 35: female?
Chapter 36: Retreat
Chapter 37: Corpse chaser
Chapter 38: you again
Chapter 39: That's it
Chapter 40: Lost Array
Chapter 41: puppet
Chapter 42: I have a grudge against you?
Chapter 43: Moon King
Chapter 44: Tomb Keeper
Chapter 45: Made of pure iron
Chapter 46: Dragon Blood
Chapter 47: Blood Tribulation
Chapter 48: Beautiful eyes
Chapter 49: Can't this blow up?
Chapter 50: Orchid
Chapter 51: Six relatives do not recognize
Chapter 52: Tied to safety
Chapter 53: So lively
Chapter 54: Aomine
Chapter 55: Qing Yao
Chapter 56: What a weird person
Chapter 57: Looks too ugly
Chapter 58: Against the wind
Chapter 59: Married couple
Chapter 60: Storm Pill
Chapter 61: What
Chapter 62: I have a wife
Chapter 63: Can't cover
Chapter 64: True or false
Chapter 65: Seal
Chapter 66: Wonderful, really wonderful
Chapter 67: Two funny
Chapter 68: Information is wrong
Chapter 69: Squat corner
Chapter 70: Killed, help!
Chapter 71: Holy law
Chapter 72: Assassinate
Chapter 73: Which way
Chapter 74: Rashomon
Chapter 75: Oolongyuan
Chapter 76: You can recognize
Chapter 77: eye for eye
Chapter 78: Youshengxianlu
Chapter 79: What are you running?
Chapter 80: Kill the enemy
Chapter 81: Universe Bag
Chapter 82: Psychic
Chapter 83: Golden Wing Roc
Chapter 84: Air combat
Chapter 85: I didn't see anything
Chapter 86: Group frame
Chapter 87: Play fine possession
Chapter 88: Frequent visitors
Chapter 89: Fate, this is fate
Chapter 90: Blind date meeting
Chapter 91: Can't hide it
Chapter 92: Demolish the house
Chapter 93: Not going to say a few words
Chapter 94: Santo's Tea Money
Chapter 95: Low-key
Chapter 96: Wanggu Auction
Chapter 97: Robes
Chapter 98: Opportunity here
Chapter 99: It's not easy to pretend!
Chapter 100: Pit god
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