[MT]Rebirth of Wild Fire

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[MT]Rebirth of Wild Fire Read Raw Translation for Rebirth of Wild Fire / 重生之狂暴火法 in English. With the memory of a Level 200, Tier 3 Mage. Lu Yang returned back to his life ten years ago. Destiny made a joke with him. He was betrayed and everything he worked for was taken away. He had to get it back. The game’s money making methods, dungeon strategy, legendary quest, equipment source, secret […]

Latest chapter:Chapter 2341: Enemy in the game

Updated:2021-12-01 12:46

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《[MT]Rebirth of Wild Fire》latest chapter

Chapter 2341: Enemy in the game
Chapter 2340: Group 6 departure
Chapter 2339: Catch the spy
Chapter 2338: Deceive success
Chapter 2337: About to go to war
Chapter 2336: Magic Flower Seed
Chapter 2335: Tier 5 to Tier 4
Chapter 2334: 5 clans fooled
Chapter 2333: Capture the Druid Legion
Chapter 2332: Start of transmission
Chapter 2331: Fire Lord Talent Spells
Chapter 2330: Difficult promotion
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《[MT]Rebirth of Wild Fire》All Chapters List

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Chapter 2012 Techniques of the Temple of War
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Chapter 1968 Origin of war
Chapter 1967 Siskin behind
Chapter 1966 Lu Yang sees through Chekovas strategy
Chapter 1965 Thor prohibition
Chapter 1964 Thunder Mountain
Chapter 1963 The role of God
Chapter 1962 One hundred and ninety level
Chapter 1961 New crisis
Chapter 1960 Roland surrendered
Chapter 1959 Black Star Fortress has fallen
Chapter 1958 Attack begins
Chapter 1957 All special legions arrive
Chapter 1956 Black Star Fortress
Chapter 1955 Lu Yang uses scheming again
Chapter 1954 Lu Yangs plan
Chapter 1953 Chekova Retreat
Chapter 1952 The Jagged Brothers attack
Chapter 1951 Lu Yang won 6 consecutive championships
Chapter 1950 Super skills
Chapter 1949 Kill the middle god
Chapter 1948 Tiandao organization appeared
Chapter 1947 Ice prison
Chapter 1946 Lu Yangs suspicion
Chapter 1945 The role of conscious reaction speed
Chapter 1944 Chekovas choice
Chapter 1943 Radvedev listens to the slander
Chapter 1942 3 Yuemon defeated
Chapter 1941 Liu Jie quit the fight
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Chapter 1937
Chapter 1936 Heavenly Sword Fortress was breached
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Chapter 1934 5 big guilds that cant hold on
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Chapter 1930 Affiliated guilds gathered
Chapter 1929 The war is coming
Chapter 1928 Ten Thousand World Missiles
Chapter 1927 Looting the world
Chapter 1926 Xiao Liangs strength
Chapter 1925 Sagittarius
Chapter 1924 Garadmund upgrade
Chapter 1923 War preparation
Chapter 1922 Moshan Lux
Chapter 1921 Meet Gust again
Chapter 1920 Dark Dragon
Chapter 1919 Son of Ancestral Dragon
Chapter 1918 Glass thoughts
Chapter 1917 Italian businessman
Chapter 1916 Root of all evil
Chapter 1915 Underworld
Chapter 1914 Moonlight Annihilation Cannon
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