[MT]The Palace of Peach and Plum

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[MT]The Palace of Peach and Plum桃李满宫堂 Ling Wei was a kindergarten teacher before crossing, and a kindergarten teacher after crossing, but the students were more pampered, less messy, and more bearish. What made Ling Wei even more depressed was that when he brought children to the emperor, he not only kept his head on the belt of his pants all the time, but also didn’t get paid. This article, also known as “The Emperor’s Kindergarten Teacher”, travels through the overhead dynasty. All settings ...

Latest chapter:Chapter 1492: fair

Updated:2021-12-01 12:57

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《[MT]The Palace of Peach and Plum》latest chapter

Chapter 1492: fair
Chapter 1491: This is simply not taking money as money?
Chapter 1490: Need to add money
Chapter 1489: Just a few minutes
Chapter 1488: She can only choose this way
Chapter 1487: I'll give you this number
Chapter 1486: Play a play
Chapter 1485: Buy laugh
Chapter 1484: Get the favor of the heroine Fang Bingbing
Chapter 1483: auctions
Chapter 1482: Xu Longshan Fifth Sister
Chapter 1481: Back bone
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《[MT]The Palace of Peach and Plum》All Chapters List

Chapter 1: I am the villain
Chapter 2: Divorce
Chapter 3: The protagonist is a walking tank
Chapter 4: I want to take over the Lin Group
Chapter 5: Clean Lin Group
Chapter 6: Shock everyone
Chapter 7: Take the path of the protagonist so that the protagonist has nowhere to go
Chapter 8: It's cool to have a plug-in
Chapter 9: Lu Family Change
Chapter 10: I can cure this disease
Chapter 11: Acupuncture
Chapter 12: I want to divorce
Chapter 13: What is your purpose
Chapter 14: Shocked
Chapter 15: Villain, we are serious
Chapter 16: Lu Family Banquet
Chapter 17: Retired again
Chapter 18: Come and help me massage
Chapter 19: Lu Xuanying's guess
Chapter 20: I want to test them personally
Chapter 21: Are there still challenges?
Chapter 22: Did you forget one thing
Chapter 23: I abide by the law and be a good citizen
Chapter 24: I only want my 6 billion
Chapter 25: compromise
Chapter 26: I have something to do, hang up first
Chapter 27: A lotus
Chapter 28: Can you give it to me?
Chapter 29: I can heal
Chapter 30: What is your aspiration
Chapter 31: I am the chairman of Lin Group
Chapter 32: You are my woman
Chapter 33: Be a bodyguard for steamed buns
Chapter 34: Realistic version of Guo Jing and Huang Rong
Chapter 35: Can you cure it
Chapter 36: Prejudice
Chapter 37: game
Chapter 38: Schizophrenia
Chapter 39: I am Liu Ziqi and other things
Chapter 40: Will you be responsible for what you say
Chapter 41: Ten years ago
Chapter 42: Make money or lose money
Chapter 43: Miracle
Chapter 44: I am not a stock god
Chapter 45: Game review
Chapter 46: Two heroines
Chapter 47: I wear a lot
Chapter 48: This is a housekeeping game
Chapter 49: Life depends on acting
Chapter 50: Can you keep me secret
Chapter 51: Treasure Boy Lin Feihang
Chapter 52: Exercise
Chapter 53: System problem
Chapter 54: Connector
Chapter 55: Real content
Chapter 56: To tell
Chapter 57: Infernal Affairs
Chapter 58: My parents want to invite you to dinner
Chapter 59: Too handsome to walk and get shot
Chapter 60: How did you get your driver's license
Chapter 61: Favor
Chapter 62: treatment
Chapter 63: Tasting tea
Chapter 64: Why chase me
Chapter 65: The protagonist appears
Chapter 66: Something wrong
Chapter 67: design
Chapter 68: Flicker, then flicker
Chapter 69: The script is not written like this!
Chapter 70: I choose to call the police
Chapter 71: Deep urban routines
Chapter 72: It turns out that you are a big man
Chapter 73: I'm going to the amusement park
Chapter 74: Take the initiative
Chapter 75: You don't understand
Chapter 76: Ask Ye Fan to apologize
Chapter 77: Ye Fan's madness
Chapter 78: Why should i apologize
Chapter 79: God is unfair to me! (Seeking diamond ticket)
Chapter 80: Bad intentions (seeking diamond tickets)
Chapter 81: I am an anti
Chapter 82: Encounter on the street (seeking a diamond ticket)
Chapter 83: Conquer the little brother (four diamond tickets short)
Chapter 84: Command the underground forces (four diamond tickets short)
Chapter 85: Diary (Four Diamond Tickets Short)
Chapter 86: The first move is the strongest (four diamond tickets short)
Chapter 87: Do you want to be on an equal footing with them (four diamond tickets short)
Chapter 88: Rush
Chapter 89: Return my buns
Chapter 90: The enemy of the enemy is the friend
Chapter 91: Something bad
Chapter 92: Factory has a problem
Chapter 93: They said that the patron is you
Chapter 94: Ye Fan is at work
Chapter 95: What's happening here
Chapter 96: Are you threatened?
Chapter 97: The rich world is different
Chapter 98: Just the two of us?
Chapter 99: What are you going to solve?
Chapter 100: Driving skills
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