[MT]After Agreeing To Get Engaged with the Sick Man

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[MT]After Agreeing To Get Engaged with the Sick Man和病娇大佬协议订婚后 In her previous life, Xia Shengge always thought that she was an illegitimate daughter, and her birth was the original sin. She was willing to be her sister Xia Ruoling’s stand-in and shooter, even if she went to jail for the crime, she never complained. It wasn’t until the last trace of value was squeezed out by the beloved “family”, before I died, I realized that everything was a scam. Once waking up from a dream, hatred is overwhelming. Xia ...

Latest chapter:Chapter 418: blood

Updated:2021-12-01 12:53

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《[MT]After Agreeing To Get Engaged with the Sick Man》latest chapter

Chapter 418: blood
Chapter 417: Seal lifted
Chapter 416: seal
Chapter 415: The 8th tribe
Chapter 414: Strike once, turn a bike into a motorcycle!
Chapter 413: Magic tribe
Chapter 412: Alien Hostel
Chapter 411: 1-way tracking
Chapter 410: Dr. Atchison's Trail
Chapter 409: Unfinished chronicle
Chapter 408: Situation worsens
Chapter 407: Terrible opponent
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《[MT]After Agreeing To Get Engaged with the Sick Man》All Chapters List

Chapter 1: trial
Chapter 2: bet
Chapter 3: Experiment failed
Chapter 4: Recontainment (Part 1)
Chapter 5: Recontained (medium)
Chapter 6: Re-containment (below)
Chapter 7: Haven't been beaten by a gangster?
Chapter 8: Special Advisor
Chapter 9: I am a toaster
Chapter 10: my world
Chapter 11: Explore the stairwell
Chapter 12: SCP-87th Exploration Record
Chapter 13: The destroyed record of the VI exploration (part one)
Chapter 14: The destroyed record of the VI exploration (below)
Chapter 15: Containment breach? !
Chapter 16: Fall into the containment area!
Chapter 17: In distress
Chapter 18: Chase me, I'll let you hey!
Chapter 19: Big cock
Chapter 20: Horror projection
Chapter 21: Failure, nuclear explosion, runaway
Chapter 22: I am so surprised!
Chapter 23: Safe level project?
Chapter 24: Horror old man
Chapter 25: The kind "I"
Chapter 26: O Five people call?
Chapter 27: See Dr. Li again
Chapter 28: Find teeth all over the floor (1)
Chapter 29: Find teeth everywhere (2)
Chapter 30: Find teeth everywhere (3)
Chapter 31: Find teeth all over the floor (4)
Chapter 32: end
Chapter 33: Everyone is a hero
Chapter 34: Cengfan
Chapter 35: lesson
Chapter 36: Young president
Chapter 37: Mountain rain is coming
Chapter 38: Mate selection criteria
Chapter 39: kill you!
Chapter 40: condition
Chapter 41: reason
Chapter 42: Picture poor see
Chapter 43: And the sixth act?
Chapter 44: Ability failure?
Chapter 45: The truth about the Hanged King
Chapter 46: Donate
Chapter 47: Double Jade Fund
Chapter 48: Strange things (part 1)
Chapter 49: Strange things (part 2)
Chapter 50: Minecraft (2)
Chapter 51: I want to be strong
Chapter 52: Master of martial arts
Chapter 53: uninvited guest
Chapter 54: Set off
Chapter 55: Mystery woman
Chapter 56: GOC
Chapter 57: Pig teammate
Chapter 58: See you again, Miss Sister
Chapter 59: Attacked
Chapter 60: who are you?
Chapter 61: Don't follow the routine
Chapter 62: Serpent's Hand
Chapter 63: Accidentally found
Chapter 64: Test (on)
Chapter 65: Test (below)
Chapter 66: Dead dragon
Chapter 67: I am the remnant party of the old age
Chapter 68: your name
Chapter 69: mysterious character
Chapter 70: Conversation with O Five
Chapter 71: Go to site 17
Chapter 72: Sleepy
Chapter 73: Woke up
Chapter 74: I disagree
Chapter 75: I am your fan
Chapter 76: Help each other
Chapter 77: Misunderstand
Chapter 78: cocoon
Chapter 79: Shirley
Chapter 80: Dr. Bright
Chapter 81: Abel
Chapter 82: Who are you (1)
Chapter 83: Who are you (two)
Chapter 84: Convinced
Chapter 85: Tactics
Chapter 86: grateful
Chapter 87: Tomb sweeping
Chapter 88: Assassination (1)
Chapter 89: Assassination (2)
Chapter 90: Assassination (3)
Chapter 91: Assassination (4)
Chapter 92: Assassination (5)
Chapter 93: Reality anchor
Chapter 94: Crash landing
Chapter 95: We are different
Chapter 96: Rescue
Chapter 97: You are a good person
Chapter 98: I'm back
Chapter 99: Minecraft (3)
Chapter 100: SCP-One Thousand Sixty Two Experiment Log
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