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[MT]Waste Wood Will Start Counterattack Today废柴从今天开始反攻 On the day that she lost her illusion of being a superpower and was about to specialize in ghost painting talisman, Ling Zi picked up a salted fish. Ling Zi: “Salted fish, salted fish, I will develop in the future, and you will become the most beautiful salted fish around this boss.” One day, Xianyu turned over and blocked Ling Zi at the corner of the city wall. Her cold face was all wronged, and she looked at Ling Zi with red eyes. “Do you still want t...

Latest chapter:Chapter 134: Create a realistic and extraordinary race

Updated:2021-11-11 12:16

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《[MT]Waste Wood Will Start Counterattack Today》latest chapter

Chapter 134: Create a realistic and extraordinary race
Chapter 92: Shelf testimonials
Chapter 64: Incredible blood
Chapter 43: Long Diary 4
Chapter 41: This is not a game, it is a hero and an epic!
Chapter 189: The start of the spell
Chapter 188: The age of incantation I opened up
Chapter 187: Pseudo III, the zombie dynasty
Chapter 186: The zombie king is born
Chapter 185: Clash
Chapter 184: Matryoshka World
Chapter 183: Xianerdai
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《[MT]Waste Wood Will Start Counterattack Today》All Chapters List

Chapter 1: I can see dreams
Chapter 2: Monternet
Chapter 3: The analysis of dreams, the weird world deep in the soul
Chapter 4: Juvenile Village, Huang Liang Yi Meng
Chapter 5: The daily life of King Juan
Chapter 6: University entrepreneurship, founder of the brain blockchain
Chapter 7: The birth of Reiki
Chapter 8: Real body feedback
Chapter 9: Tales of the Macho
Chapter 10: Was it me?
Chapter 11: Opening time scale
Chapter 12: No one in the mountains
Chapter 13: Dissipation of Qi
Chapter 14: Long Diary 1
Chapter 15: Long Diary 2
Chapter 16: Long Diary 3
Chapter 17: Things are not human beings, mottled in the ancient village
Chapter 18: Remember and don't remember in the world
Chapter 19: Looking for the entry of the fourth batch of servers
Chapter 20: New world civilization
Chapter 21: The story of false gods and spectators
Chapter 22: Chinese chives,
Chapter 23: The mythical age of sailing!
Chapter 24: miracle
Chapter 25: Marine civilization
Chapter 26: On the postpartum nursing of leek
Chapter 27: Fairy fate, in the sea
Chapter 28: doubt
Chapter 29: This world is terrible
Chapter 30: Lose your body and reward Yuanhai, fold your head and weep the sky
Chapter 31: Wish the Witch Era, the life of the breath-eater gods!
Chapter 32: Breathless god
Chapter 33: The world is noisy, the dialogue between God and man
Chapter 34: Three ultimate questions
Chapter 35: Non-eaters do not die but gods
Chapter 36: The world of the old gods is as horrible
Chapter 37: Some people are dead, he is still alive
Chapter 38: Yunyan
Chapter 42: Plans to expand the territory
Chapter 44: Long Diary 5
Chapter 45: Long Diary 6
Chapter 46: Prospects for the next new era
Chapter 47: plan
Chapter 48: Mysterious figure
Chapter 49: Above the mist, the cloud world!
Chapter 50: Fairy Forest
Chapter 51: This is the old Shanghai beach of the apocalyptic wasteland?
Chapter 52: Reincarnation, rebirth, island and ship
Chapter 53: From the new world
Chapter 54: Transform life
Chapter 55: New human evolution civilization history
Chapter 56: Crazy leek
Chapter 57: They are so conscious
Chapter 58: Secretly voyeur
Chapter 59: Elf, recognized and gifted by the world
Chapter 60: The layout of the upper and lower worlds
Chapter 62: Tribal war
Chapter 63: Black mythical elves
Chapter 65: The old saint archives, the mystery of longevity
Chapter 66: Two hundred years, reform and learning
Chapter 67: Elf
Chapter 68: Reverse the laws of natural life!
Chapter 69: Earth Manzoku
Chapter 70: The truth of the world, the flower of destiny in the blood of gods
Chapter 71: God's Wheel of Fortune
Chapter 72: Inherent properties of the four-dimensional world
Chapter 73: Destiny
Chapter 74: In the history of mythology, gods are also slaves to destiny!
Chapter 75: Bucket run
Chapter 76: Slave emperor who challenged fate
Chapter 77: Outrageous Initial Race
Chapter 78: Everything is fate, I can't help it at all
Chapter 79: Fate day
Chapter 80: History of Wills
Chapter 81: Doomed death
Chapter 82: Split the dimension!
Chapter 83: outside world
Chapter 84: Out of the world, the sky is full of stars
Chapter 85: The Fall of the Last Emperor
Chapter 86: When turning over the river, rebelling against the heavens
Chapter 87: Misfortune never comes singly
Chapter 88: Talk about the old and reduce the reality
Chapter 89: Shuttle in the dimension of time, and it's winter at a glance!
Chapter 90: The world blueprint!
Chapter 93: Evaluation and return to the old house in the mountains
Chapter 94: Long Diary 7
Chapter 95: Long Diary 8
Chapter 96: Long Diary 9
Chapter 97: The brewing of the underworld (seeking subscription)
Chapter 98: Rudimentary
Chapter 99: Oversized nightmare garbage dump
Chapter 100: Rebirth Initial
Chapter 101: Penance for ten years
Chapter 102: Out of the mountain
Chapter 103: Wonderful world
Chapter 104: World pattern
Chapter 105: The Great World of Witch, the Decline of Human Race
Chapter 106: Distant stars
Chapter 107: I, want to break this day
Chapter 108: Above the dome, there are ancient relics
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