[MT]Medical Women’s Business Route Back to the City

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[MT]Medical Women’s Business Route Back to the City重回都市之医女商途 [Strong men and women + pet text + space + urban cool text + strong return] The Five Elements Continent, the strong is respected. She has been in the 21st century. Because of her past life, she is cold-hearted and passionate, so she has only devoted herself to cultivation. The posture of Nirvana, swung to the nine heavens, the position of the master of the medicine sect, finally became her bag! But who knows, the butt hasn’t been hot in the position of the soverei...

Latest chapter:Chapter 1376: Woven Nest

Updated:2021-12-01 12:52

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《[MT]Medical Women’s Business Route Back to the City》latest chapter

Chapter 1376: Woven Nest
Chapter 1375: Yugafei?
Chapter 1374: Forest of Oruans
Chapter 1373: Popular Yoga
Chapter 1372: Shy bud debut
Chapter 1371: Xinlinbao and Xuwuyide
Chapter 1370: Start
Chapter 1369: Master's gift
Chapter 1368: new task
Chapter 1367: Sniper Tree Owl VS Ma Mo Eel King
Chapter 1366: Xiaojuer
Chapter 1365: Physical strengthening
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《[MT]Medical Women’s Business Route Back to the City》All Chapters List

Chapter 2: Feeding house
Chapter 3: Inherit family business
Chapter 4: Qualification evolution
Chapter 5: walk
Chapter 6: Preparation for opening
Chapter 7: Uncle
Chapter 8: Opened
Chapter 9: Initial training
Chapter 10: Granny Lanka
Chapter 11: mission completed
Chapter 12: Feeding house transformation
Chapter 13: Go to Fuyan Town
Chapter 14: Training along the way
Chapter 15: Encounter in a tunnel
Chapter 16: Puyan Town Wizard Center
Chapter 17: Absolu
Chapter 18: Go to the nursery
Chapter 19: Pick Elf Egg
Chapter 20: Failure
Chapter 21: Bumpy hill road
Chapter 22: Wind chimes and dark crow
Chapter 23: Tracking Derubi
Chapter 24: Conquer Derruby
Chapter 25: Mulla
Chapter 26: 6 tails
Chapter 27: Clash of Dark Crow and Wind Chime
Chapter 28: Asha
Chapter 30: Discuss the construction of an ecological park
Chapter 31: Elf egg arrives
Chapter 32: Make potions
Chapter 33: discuss
Chapter 34: Suzuki Garden
Chapter 35: Results, German
Chapter 36: Rand
Chapter 37: Sign up
Chapter 38: Game start
Chapter 39: Robert and Libra
Chapter 40: Battle the velvet sheep
Chapter 41: Battle Seal Ball
Chapter 42: The game continues
Chapter 43: Final (1)
Chapter 44: Final (2)
Chapter 45: Final (3)
Chapter 46: Final (final)
Chapter 47: Give away
Chapter 48: Luna's question
Chapter 49: become friends
Chapter 50: New round of training
Chapter 51: The Fire Rock Team is coming
Chapter 52: Rescue
Chapter 53: Visit Robert
Chapter 54: Qing Mian Bird
Chapter 55: Rude teenager
Chapter 56: Birthday
Chapter 57: Gorgeous Competition (Part 1)
Chapter 58: Gorgeous Competition (Part 2)
Chapter 59: Pieris
Chapter 60: Don't abandon elves
Chapter 61: Butterfly breaks out of cocoon
Chapter 62: Parting, happy event
Chapter 63: My Eco Park
Chapter 64: Good things come in pairs
Chapter 65: Variety
Chapter 66: interview
Chapter 67: Big milk can
Chapter 68: Chapteries
Chapter 69: Featured Wizard Concept
Chapter 70: Set off
Chapter 71: Unlucky
Chapter 72: Almost doll
Chapter 73: New staff
Chapter 74: Arrived in Corydalis
Chapter 75: Into the desert
Chapter 76: Scorpio
Chapter 77: Underground
Chapter 78: Melee
Chapter 79: Stone figurines
Chapter 80: ghost
Chapter 81: mural
Chapter 82: Arus
Chapter 83: Land of miracles
Chapter 84: Thieves
Chapter 85: The dust settles
Chapter 86: in history)
Chapter 87: History (below)
Chapter 88: The grudge between Scorpio and the desert dragonfly
Chapter 89: 1 person found
Chapter 92: Merit, plan
Chapter 93: idea
Chapter 94: Make an energy cube
Chapter 95: Oolong incident
Chapter 96: Training content
Chapter 97: Conjecture of field skills
Chapter 98: Learn
Chapter 99: Wind rules
Chapter 100: Renting
Chapter 101: New start
Chapter 102: Nentaro
Chapter 103: Luna's scream
Chapter 104: The essential
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