Inevitable Road To Divinity

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Inevitable Road To Divinity After the catastrophe that occured on the Earth, he awakens in unfamiliar, another world. To find out more about himself, he has to step on the road full of danger! It's a story about modern young man who has Sex God Divinity and his past selves. *It's a smut novel despite MC hard beginnings, so a lot of smut elements have been used. Every character close to MC(including MC) is more than 18 years old no matter what circumstances.* *Every R-18 is done with a grown-up/mature/adult lady. Eve...

Latest chapter:Chapter 327: [Thirty thousand years of cultivation! 】(Two-in-one subscription)

Updated:2021-11-22 15:54

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《Inevitable Road To Divinity》latest chapter

Chapter 327: [Thirty thousand years of cultivation! 】(Two-in-one subscription)
Chapter 326: [Blast the planet? 】(Two in one)
Chapter 325: [I am stronger? 】(Two in one)
Chapter 324: [Giant trees cover the sky! 】(For subscription)
Chapter 223: [The inheritance is fake? 】
Chapter 219: [Good guy]
Chapter 172: [All at hand! 】(Two in one)
Chapter 75: 【Target one product】
Chapter 364: [Xuanshen card! Xuanshen card! 】(Two in one)
Chapter 363: [On behalf of the eight sons! 】(Two in one)
Chapter 362: [Unexpected harvest] (three in one)
Chapter 361: [Surprise two new cards! 】
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《Inevitable Road To Divinity》All Chapters List

Chapter 1: 【Su Jingxing】
Chapter 2: [Too great]
Chapter 3: 【New Card】
Chapter 4: [Within seven steps, I am invincible! 】
Chapter 5: [Lin Farm Town]
Chapter 6: 【team leader】
Chapter 7: 【From Tianwai】
Chapter 8: [Another new card]
Chapter 9: 【Bait】
Chapter 10: 【coming! 】
Chapter 11: 【ten years】
Chapter 12: 【Good dream】
Chapter 13: 【Wan Ye】
Chapter 14: 【Appearance of Tool Man】
Chapter 15: 【Big Brother】
Chapter 16: 【Target】
Chapter 17: [Wei family sister and brother]
Chapter 18: 【new skill】
Chapter 19: 【Harvest】
Chapter 20: 【Surprise】
Chapter 21: [Sound in the ear]
Chapter 22: 【Not interested in】
Chapter 23: 【Peerless Light Work】
Chapter 24: 【Fair Trading】
Chapter 25: 【Chen Xiaodao】
Chapter 26: 【Walking for the Sky】
Chapter 27: [Big brother really came back? 】
Chapter 28: [Cannot accept]
Chapter 29: [This is really dead]
Chapter 30: [Confusing and confusing] (please collect!)
Chapter 31: [Talents come out in large numbers]
Chapter 32: 【Six products】
Chapter 33: [There is someone in the sky]
Chapter 34: 【Hole Cards】
Chapter 35: 【Four gears】
Chapter 36: 【Solving the case】
Chapter 37: [Something's wrong]
Chapter 38: [I think so beautiful]
Chapter 39: 【Xuantian】
Chapter 40: 【Brother Yang】
Chapter 41: 【obligation】
Chapter 42: 【Return to the original owner】
Chapter 43: 【New Card】
Chapter 44: [Feiyan walks the wall! 】
Chapter 45: 【That's it? 】
Chapter 46: 【surprise】
Chapter 47: 【Light】
Chapter 48: [The missing nine steps]
Chapter 49: 【Tragic】
Chapter 50: 【Three Yuan Knife Method】
Chapter 51: 【Secret News】
Chapter 52: 【Cool! 】(For collection)
Chapter 53: 【Two punches】
Chapter 54: [One hundred thousand catties huge force] (please collect!)
Chapter 55: 【Misunderstand】
Chapter 56: 【Climbing the Peak】
Chapter 57: [Finger moves]
Chapter 58: 【Chance】
Chapter 59: 【Fight】
Chapter 60: 【Power of one person】
Chapter 61: 【surprise! 】
Chapter 62: 【You're a good man】
Chapter 63: [Good luck again and again]
Chapter 64: [The biggest shame! 】
Chapter 65: [I have seen the Sword King]
Chapter 66: 【Two Ways】
Chapter 67: [Nobita, what's wrong with you? 】
Chapter 68: [Very poor]
Chapter 69: [Laughing to death]
Chapter 70: [Kill Wanrong! 】
Chapter 71: [Wan Rong's life]
Chapter 72: 【found it! 】
Chapter 73: 【No way】
Chapter 74: 【Return】
Chapter 76: 【good friend】
Chapter 77: [New card]
Chapter 78: [Another sub-rudder is gone]
Chapter 79: [It's a big melon]
Chapter 80: 【It's all right and right】
Chapter 81: [Another new card]
Chapter 82: 【genius】
Chapter 83: [I just want your heart]
Chapter 84: [It must die! 】
Chapter 85: [No wonder...]
Chapter 86: [No chance]
Chapter 87: 【20 years】
Chapter 88: 【Excited】
Chapter 89: [Unurgent]
Chapter 90: [Not only distinguished, but also determined to live and die! 】
Chapter 91: 【Quick Faint】
Chapter 92: 【Sword Madness】
Chapter 93: [Good guys]
Chapter 94: [Planted]
Chapter 95: [Falling from the sky]
Chapter 96: [Very grand and handsome, superbly handsome]
Chapter 97: [Planning] (The book is fat, ready to be slaughtered)
Chapter 98: 【has a problem】
Chapter 99: Shelves notice, plus more rules
Chapter 100: [Secrets of the Shi Family] (seeking subscription)
Chapter 101: [The light of the knife flashes and the head falls]
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