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Samsara Online In the year 2030, Samsara Online, a 100% immersive VRMMORPG that allows players to bring their innate real-world skills to the virtual world, is launched and supported by the World Central Bank. With terrifying analytical ability, inhuman reflexes, and monstrous reaction speed, Xie Feng's travel starts into a world that he will gradually discover is not as normal as it seems. It was also from that moment that Xie Feng's life started to deviate from the norm, changing his destiny completely. ...

Latest chapter:Chapter 138: Marriage line, red rope with thick steel can be twisted off

Updated:2021-11-22 16:52

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《Samsara Online》latest chapter

Chapter 138: Marriage line, red rope with thick steel can be twisted off
Chapter 137: After all, he still lived what he once hated
Chapter 136: Fight
Chapter 135: Another 10 consecutive draws, the fox is fake
Chapter 134: The treasure meeting is coming to an end?
Chapter 133: A big game of chess
Chapter 132: Is there really a ghost? Auspicious
Chapter 131: The immortal master is here, 5 channels long reappear
Chapter 130: Killer organization, holy swordsmanship
Chapter 129: If there is a **** in the writing, psionic jade pendant
Chapter 128: Haunted, smell the wind for 10 miles, check the omissions
Chapter 303: Dragon? Shenlong?
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《Samsara Online》All Chapters List

Chapter 1: Chao Feng Apprentice
Chapter 2: Psychic Guide
Chapter 3: 2 directions of practice
Chapter 4: Van grade middle grade
Chapter 5: Samurai 5 borders
Chapter 6: Effect of Spirit Eye
Chapter 7: Yin air cap
Chapter 8: Breathing
Chapter 9: Psychic pill? Experience Dan?
Chapter 10: Save money to marry a wife?
Chapter 11: Tiger Demon Body Refining Fist
Chapter 12: Death invitation
Chapter 13: Calligraphy and painting
Chapter 14: You can't take this jade
Chapter 15: Sloppy
Chapter 16: See, hear, and cut, 8 steps to catch the cicada
Chapter 17: The Art of Li Daitao Stiff
Chapter 18: People light candles, ghosts blow lights
Chapter 19: Kill the ghost
Chapter 20: Broken brake ruler, too on induction
Chapter 21: Increase life span
Chapter 22: Finally got it
Chapter 23: Hate the injustice of the sky, hate the injustice of the ground
Chapter 24: Wuguan
Chapter 25: Shen Lang is dead
Chapter 26: Who said the case was closed?
Chapter 27: Kang dang
Chapter 28: Is this dead?
Chapter 29: Fish Essence Stone
Chapter 30: Wu Yinghou
Chapter 31: What about 1?
Chapter 32: Be kind
Chapter 33: Xiaocheng
Chapter 34: 8 beds, 9 people
Chapter 35: Bulky
Chapter 36: Copper tripod
Chapter 37: Dharma
Chapter 38: Passage
Chapter 39: Don't know how to praise
Chapter 40: Is this still out of feelings?
Chapter 41: Hot summer
Chapter 42: 5 channels long
Chapter 43: Have to add money
Chapter 44: Concealment
Chapter 45: 3 Chao Bong is back
Chapter 46: Treasure Club
Chapter 47: Room C 57
Chapter 48: Tiger Leopard
Chapter 49: Black finger
Chapter 50: Imperial ring
Chapter 51: The Art of Fighting
Chapter 52: Become an official court
Chapter 53: Shows that only 1 person knows
Chapter 54: Refining body is great, Hunyuan 1 body
Chapter 55: What is he doing?
Chapter 56: Zombie out of the coffin
Chapter 57: Dangdang...
Chapter 58: Harvest
Chapter 59: Ling Chi
Chapter 60: 3 corpse old road
Chapter 61: I feel persecuted
Chapter 62: You should kill if you are not guilty
Chapter 63: Shopkeeper Liu visited
Chapter 64: Zhen Xiangrui appeared
Chapter 65: Surrender your heart to the horse
Chapter 66: Empty hands, 0 birds face the phoenix
Chapter 67: Identification goggles
Chapter 68: Breakthrough
Chapter 69: Heard 800 times of flicker
Chapter 70: Forbidden Spirit Stone
Chapter 71: 5 light and 10 colored clouds
Chapter 72: Shihu
Chapter 72: Your life is imperfect, you know?
Chapter 73: Your life is imperfect, you know?
Chapter 74: Jiebao Master and God Jieshu
Chapter 75: Consummation
Chapter 76: Operate the Heart Sutra of Good Fortune, absorb mixed auras
Chapter 77: Successfully lifted the ban, the treasure appears
Chapter 78: Mingyue Flower Boat
Chapter 79: Spirit Tea Seed, Spiritual Technique
Chapter 80: 5 Poison Heart Sutra
Chapter 81: Damn it, take it too far
Chapter 82: Bright Moon Oiran
Chapter 83: Strange knowledge has increased
Chapter 84: 3 Soul Dividing Method, Exorcism Talisman
Chapter 85: The third person to appraise porcelain vases
Chapter 86: 3 red nematodes
Chapter 87: Golden light of merit, bright fruit of sword heart
Chapter 88: Soul Sutra, Tibetans in the Box
Chapter 89: Dao Dharma Realm
Chapter 90: Seems to be okay
Chapter 91: Find the dragon
Chapter 92: 1 knife, 1 sword, 1 spear head
Chapter 93: Zhenwu University returns pill, the technique of fighting each other
Chapter 94: Money can move the mind
Chapter 95: Tapered item
Chapter 96: ‘Kill 5' plan, royal ancestral training, purification
Chapter 97: Big brother mighty and majestic
Chapter 98: Hiyouko?
Chapter 99: 10 treasure chests
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