[MT]Second Marriage in the 1970s

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[MT]Second Marriage in the 1970s七零年代二婚妻 Dong Jiahui, the daughter of the Dong family, was kicked out of the house by the Lu family because she had been married for three years and was unable to get pregnant. Dong Jiahui, who felt ashamed, jumped into the river in search of death. Immediately after she was rescued, her soul also changed. The Dong family’s Jiahui was five miles away from the Shanghe Village. Zhao Donglin’s wife was an educated youth who left her two children to go back to the city. In order to take ca...

Latest chapter:Chapter 1001: The misunderstanding is getting deeper

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《[MT]Second Marriage in the 1970s》latest chapter

Chapter 1001: The misunderstanding is getting deeper
Chapter 1000: Withdrawal to the South
Chapter 999: I already knew 1 cut
Chapter 998: Ok i promise you
Chapter 997: Their own minds
Chapter 996: 15 Prince Qi? N
Chapter 995: Give you precious things
Chapter 994: Force Ling You
Chapter 993: Ming Tianming gradually gave birth to killing intent
Chapter 992: Insight into purpose
Chapter 991: General, please go to bed
Chapter 990: Promoted to general
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《[MT]Second Marriage in the 1970s》All Chapters List

Chapter 1: The strongest mortal
Chapter 2: Julongzhuang
Chapter 3: Son
Chapter 4: The son doesn't like to see blood
Chapter 5: Master engraved in the soul
Chapter 6: Sioux City King's House
Chapter 7: Classmates gathering
Chapter 8: God's existence is down
Chapter 9: Bella Workshop
Chapter 10: Bella Past
Chapter 11: Yu Ya firmly believes
Chapter 12: Fan Qingqing
Chapter 13: Smashed her car
Chapter 14: Who else
Chapter 15: You only have 1 minute
Chapter 16: Kowtow to apologize
Chapter 17: Jealous
Chapter 18: Fan Qingqing's grievance
Chapter 19: Noble
Chapter 20: Mr. Chu is a low-key luxury
Chapter 21: Chu Tian is so bullied
Chapter 22: Is he a fool
Chapter 23: Betray Chutian
Chapter 24: fool
Chapter 25: Deceive too much
Chapter 26: Idiot outrageous
Chapter 27: Waiting for you to jump down
Chapter 28: 1 coin will live and die
Chapter 29: We are civilized
Chapter 30: The beauty of a naked woman
Chapter 31: Dependent bungee jumping
Chapter 32: Soft rice man?
Chapter 33: Naked girl angry
Chapter 34: Xiao Jia Xiao Yi
Chapter 35: Morning
Chapter 36: dismiss
Chapter 37: The opportunity given to you is superfluous
Chapter 38: Just say, it's me Chutian said
Chapter 39: 3 words, evoked memories
Chapter 40: Separated from Qing for ten thousand years
Chapter 41: It's too hard to chase the idiot
Chapter 42: Take care of your toys
Chapter 43: Ye Qianqian
Chapter 44: Xiaoyue has some vinegar
Chapter 45: Song leaked
Chapter 46: Suspect Chutian
Chapter 47: The wicked are honored, but the Lord is humiliated
Chapter 48: 1 piano piece that attracts everyone
Chapter 49: Everyone is drunk
Chapter 50: No one will help us anymore
Chapter 51: Throw it away
Chapter 52: Trusted by 1 friend
Chapter 53: Everything else is redundant
Chapter 54:
Chapter 55: Overwhelming
Chapter 56: In my life, the thing I hate the most is a traitor
Chapter 57: You only have 1 chance
Chapter 58: 1 song intoxicating
Chapter 59: This is from Julong Village
Chapter 60: Peaked caps famous international
Chapter 61: That song, I made
Chapter 62: I am the librarian
Chapter 63: Do you have any opinion
Chapter 64: No one can protect the person Mr. Chu has to deal with
Chapter 65: 1 god
Chapter 66: Evildoer, looking for death
Chapter 67: Did you make a mistake, I saved you
Chapter 68: When will I see him again?
Chapter 69: Choices in front of the emergency room
Chapter 70: Secretly
Chapter 71: Your daughter cried because of your ugliness
Chapter 72: Could it be him
Chapter 73: Come here on a bicycle
Chapter 74: After so many years, for the first time someone dared to ignore the rules of Julongzhuang
Chapter 75: The last thing you should do is to kill me
Chapter 76: Xu Jiaqiang
Chapter 77: 1 grandmaster, just killed
Chapter 78: Scourge?
Chapter 79: For her, the brain may be superfluous
Chapter 80: This is the weakest dragon warrior?
Chapter 81: Look carefully, you are handsome
Chapter 82: Senior Chu, where are you
Chapter 83: So high in calligraphy
Chapter 84: Take it for your own use
Chapter 85: You guys should let me go
Chapter 86: Remember that in the next life, you need to be a little professional
Chapter 87: Go back alive and tell Mr. Chu
Chapter 88: Su Da Wenhui
Chapter 89: See him in the crowd 0 degrees
Chapter 90: You are learning her
Chapter 91: Big brother, we both have a small essay meeting
Chapter 92: Big brother taught me
Chapter 93: You shouldn't question me
Chapter 94: Stunning
Chapter 95: Come with me to Xu's house in Jiangbei
Chapter 96: Man of the Palace
Chapter 97: We are just civilized ordinary people
Chapter 98: Xia Ziyan succumbed
Chapter 99: It's a pity that you came to provoke me in advance
Chapter 100: Can we talk now
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