[MT]Recreation Starts From the Heartbeat

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[MT]Recreation Starts From the Heartbeat文娱从心动开始 Crossing, golden finger, single heroine, dog food… “Heart House” is a variety show of amateur social love reasoning. Six amateur men and women gather together to stage a good show. Popular stars act as’heart detectives’ to analyze the heartbeat signals of the guests. This was also the first task assigned to Tang Su by the system. Tang Su, who was only thinking about ‘behave well and get off work early’, did not expect that he would actually meet...

Latest chapter:Chapter 374: Anti-Lyon Warframe Project

Updated:2021-11-11 12:15

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《[MT]Recreation Starts From the Heartbeat》latest chapter

Chapter 374: Anti-Lyon Warframe Project
Chapter 357: Save snacks
Chapter 294: Finally you are here
Chapter 253: fair!
Chapter 214: Prestigious name
Chapter 167: I'm lost, can't I?
Chapter 150: Gave you a father (four thousand)
Chapter 383: Genius
Chapter 382: Chick
Chapter 381: piece of cake
Chapter 380: Re-emergence
Chapter 379: Only Tony is injured in the world
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Chapter 1: This is not urban? ?
Chapter 2: Broken legs 0 miles
Chapter 3: promise
Chapter 4: We are different
Chapter 5: rigorous
Chapter 6: Jin is not a good person
Chapter 7: Absolutely
Chapter 8: Absolutely two
Chapter 9: Uncle me
Chapter 10: anaesthetization
Chapter 11: choose
Chapter 12: Judge
Chapter 13: Don't be nosy?
Chapter 14: Doctor
Chapter 15: Let the bullets fly
Chapter 16: Transaction ♂
Chapter 17: Important things
Chapter 18: Flicker
Chapter 19: Time does not wait
Chapter 20: Hello, Mr. Wesley.
Chapter 21: Assassinated conspirator
Chapter 22: Normal person
Chapter 23: Where do not meet
Chapter 24: Bullseye
Chapter 25: For my appetite
Chapter 26: Dream magician
Chapter 27: You are welcome
Chapter 28: The villain died of talking too much
Chapter 29: Please call me the **** of the world!
Chapter 30: Scales
Chapter 31: Origin of fear
Chapter 32: cat
Chapter 33: Has it finally started?
Chapter 34: Meow meow meow! (4000 words)
Chapter 35: After the break
Chapter 36: cigarette
Chapter 37: Well, cat.
Chapter 38: Hell's Kitchen II. Zero
Chapter 39: gift
Chapter 40: study! Learn the big one!
Chapter 41: teacher
Chapter 42: Fire
Chapter 43: Look for
Chapter 44: 3 Meiji
Chapter 45: Disruptor (4,000 words)
Chapter 46: brave!
Chapter 47: Grab the head
Chapter 48: Battery
Chapter 49: You are not right
Chapter 50: Liar, cat, koala
Chapter 51: I am Iron Man!
Chapter 52: Mind reading
Chapter 53: Face change
Chapter 54: It's all knowledge
Chapter 55: Magic is much easier to use than technology
Chapter 56: Circus, phone
Chapter 57: Hand-joined copy
Chapter 58: I also need to go
Chapter 59: Don't be afraid, I am more afraid than you
Chapter 60: He wants to wash away the shame
Chapter 61: It's you
Chapter 62: What do you see my knife doing
Chapter 63: But you agreed
Chapter 64: Named genius
Chapter 65: The meaning of life
Chapter 66: I can help
Chapter 67: Mrs. Gao
Chapter 68: A trick that is not easy to use once
Chapter 69: I am your father
Chapter 70: retribution
Chapter 71: Lighting masters make great contributions
Chapter 72: Beg me
Chapter 73: I know
Chapter 74: daily
Chapter 75: Looking for victims
Chapter 76: Idol!
Chapter 77: smile
Chapter 78: In my eyes (four thousand five hundred words)
Chapter 79: Good luck evening
Chapter 80: Things of interest in ancient 1
Chapter 81: Throw something
Chapter 82: destiny
Chapter 83: Father and daughter
Chapter 84: Daughter red
Chapter 85: Black eat black, play basketball
Chapter 86: Grab work
Chapter 87: height
Chapter 88: Ugly purpose
Chapter 89: Guesses about golden items
Chapter 90: Interesting skills
Chapter 91: new member
Chapter 92: Self-harm
Chapter 93: Bald guy
Chapter 94: Non-existent memory
Chapter 95: I did not do it on purpose
Chapter 96: She didn't come at the right time
Chapter 97: Gestures
Chapter 98: Charisma
Chapter 99: Call the sir
Chapter 100: Imperfect script
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