[MT]Anomalous Collector

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[MT]Anomalous Collector异常收藏家 Li Fan, who wanted to resign on the first day of work, suddenly realized that he was the No. 2 villain in this world. “Can I just eat and wait until I retire?” “My collector, my brothers all support you as the president, are we the other way around?”

Latest chapter:Chapter 125: Murloc in the sea

Updated:2021-11-11 12:15

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《[MT]Anomalous Collector》latest chapter

Chapter 125: Murloc in the sea
Chapter 55: Anilu's request
Chapter 188: Prince Rocky
Chapter 187: Pirate League
Chapter 186: conspiracy
Chapter 185: Kingdom of England
Chapter 184: Soldiers attack
Chapter 183: Awards and declarations
Chapter 181: witch
Chapter 177: The lion's death
Chapter 176: Runaway death
Chapter 175: storm
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Chapter 1: Boy Scouts
Chapter 2: Difficult journey
Chapter 3: Encounter
Chapter 4: In distress
Chapter 5: Devil Fruit
Chapter 6: Alone
Chapter 7: Finish
Chapter 8: Forest middle giant
Chapter 9: return
Chapter 10: Forward
Chapter 11: Evil spirits and tigers
Chapter 12: Murloc
Chapter 13: Lafitte City
Chapter 14: betray
Chapter 15: Angry Demon
Chapter 16: Destroy the country
Chapter 17: Go to sea
Chapter 18: Golden Roger
Chapter 19: Encounter Roger Pirates
Chapter 20: Red hair with red nose
Chapter 21: The teachings of Pluto Raleigh
Chapter 22: islands
Chapter 23: Hasaryk Island
Chapter 24: ghost
Chapter 25: Lockes shot
Chapter 26: Two little monsters
Chapter 27: Boat flying in the sky
Chapter 28: Man from the heart
Chapter 29: Spirit King
Chapter 30: Banquet
Chapter 31: Kotou warship
Chapter 32: Karp Strikes
Chapter 33: Meet
Chapter 34: Freeze and gravity
Chapter 35: Evil spirits
Chapter 36: The collision of the top power
Chapter 37: Roger Pirates
Chapter 38: reward
Chapter 39: Ask for a day off
Chapter 40: Roger's guidance
Chapter 41: invite
Chapter 42: First heard of the name of a samurai
Chapter 43: Gaya i.
Chapter 44: There are always people who always have fantastic ideas
Chapter 45: Sky ocean current
Chapter 46: Calvin up
Chapter 47: Sky Island
Chapter 48: parting
Chapter 49: encounter
Chapter 50: The horror of the White Shark Pirates
Chapter 51: Bika
Chapter 52: Huge stele
Chapter 56: The man who controls the sky
Chapter 57: Return to Qinghai
Chapter 58: Encounter Kuzan
Chapter 59: unexpected result
Chapter 60: Response from the Navy Headquarters
Chapter 61: Famous in the sea
Chapter 62: Pirates are coming
Chapter 63: City of Seven Waters
Chapter 64: ember
Chapter 65: Murloc Tom
Chapter 66: Black eat black
Chapter 67: Falling dragon
Chapter 68: Giant dragon
Chapter 69: God Warriors
Chapter 70: Powerful monkey
Chapter 71: Buddha
Chapter 72: The people who are at a disadvantage
Chapter 73: Do your best
Chapter 74: The world's strongest debut
Chapter 75: Strong white beard
Chapter 76: Barbosa
Chapter 77: Passionate
Chapter 78: As the title
Chapter 79: Rich cuisine
Chapter 80: Banquet and Chef
Chapter 81: Naval meeting
Chapter 82: Operations of the Navy Headquarters
Chapter 83: emm
Chapter 84: New World Turmoil
Chapter 85: Pirates United
Chapter 86: An unprecedented fleet
Chapter 87: Meet
Chapter 88: action
Chapter 89: Hero of the West Sea
Chapter 90: Banquet in the moonlight
Chapter 91: Moria joins
Chapter 92: A growing team
Chapter 93: Big incident
Chapter 94: Lockes' Manifesto
Chapter 95: fever
Chapter 96: Locks Pirates Resurrected
Chapter 97: West China Sea Navy
Chapter 98: Navy wrath
Chapter 99: March on the great route
Chapter 100: Slaughter
Chapter 101: Awakening
Chapter 102: Uncomfortable these few days
Chapter 103: Leave
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