Chapter 1563: You did it(1 / 11)

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  "This time the harvest is too great!"

  "There are actually two eighth-class immortal grasses and one ninth-class plant. Thank you for helping me……"

  Seeing her joyous expression of Annunciation, Cheng Ge always felt relieved.

  I couldn't bear to tell her that I had just made more than 600 ninth-class plants, and more than 100 eighth-class plants.

  "Not bad, good harvest."

  He immediately expressed his congratulations and then asked a question.

  "By the way, can the fairy grass here be exchanged?"

  "Exchange?" Mu Yue was startled slightly.

  "Yes, it is to exchange a large amount of low-level fairy grass with others for a small amount of high-level fairy grass."

  "Yes, but you have to go to the altar."
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