Chapter 1038: The heart of the world(1 / 7)

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  Oh oh oh……

  The evil spirit on the giant's body was like a demon, like a demon, like a ghost and a ghost, and when it flew over, it even caused a cluster of illusions to rise in front of Qin Feng's eyes, and the whimper of the whimpering soul came into his mind.

  Qin Feng was shocked, and when his figure moved, he would instinctively escape from this place and leave this strange space.

  After all, the strength of that giant was too powerful, and the aura was too terrifying. Now that only this fierce aura can turn into an actual attack on himself, he can hardly imagine how powerful this giant's true strength is!

  "Unexpectedly, there is such a tyrannical existence hidden in the depths of the wizarding world. Could it be that this is another supreme power?"

  When this thought rose in his heart, an unquenchable fear rose from his heart.

  The strongest is a tyrannical existence that transcends the power of common good fortune, and an invincible existence that can cross the world.

  If any world has such a strong man sitting in town, it can deter the Quartet, if there is no strong man of the same level to contend with, there is absolutely no world that dares to beat the other world's attention.

  Although Qin Feng is strong and tyrannical, he still has a great distance from the strong in the good fortune realm, and there is a huge difference between him and the strongest!

  This is the deep underground of the wizarding world, located at the core of the wizarding world, and the strong fortune that can appear here must be wizards.
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