Chapter 1701: elder sister?(1 / 10)

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  With the appearance of this beautiful shadow, the void devil energy covering the "Divine Breath" world star instantly seemed to be alive, emitting a strange resonance, like a crazy boiling liquid. Everyone felt the demon energy transmitted. Excitement and attachment.

     Zou Tianyun did not continue to attack.

     In his eyes, there are golden runes intertwined with golden light overflowing.

     no matter what kind of creature it is. As long as it walks out of the door of the void, it must be a terrible existence.

     Zou Tianyun tried to see the true face of the other party.

     But under the veil of the purple devilish energy, his pupil technique could not be seen through.


     Zou Tianyun was surprised and his expression gradually became serious.


     Seeing this beautiful shadow, Yu Wen Xiuxian on the other side was slightly startled.
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