Chapter 1236: It's not god(1 / 7)

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  Experienced a reincarnation sting, and also traveled through the Dragon Gate world.

  Zhu Minglang now knows that both of these are actually raising their upper limits.

  Although the cultivation base came later, with a high enough personality, the cultivation base can achieve leap and rise.

  Zhu Minglang is now accustomed to the feeling of bottoming out, the harder he falls, the higher he bounces!

  And this time, the Reincarnation Sting Change and the Longmen Choice happened to collide together, and Zhu Minglang felt that this was a great opportunity to ascend!

  It’s a big deal to start all over again, Zhu Minglang firmly believes that any **** has more experience in "starting from scratch" than himself.

  When they climbed with trepidation and cautiousness, they could take a big stride, fall and fall, anyway, after the reincarnation sting, their cultivation base can't be kept!

  But if it rushes this time……

  In the future, his cultivation base will easily surpass the **** king level realm, and even reach the next **** realm!

  With the future planning, Zhu Minglang immediately feels comfortable.
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