Chapter 2499: Hell passage(1 / 5)

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  Thinking about it, the lovely girl Xie Qingyu couldn't help looking at Chu Yan.

  She is not afraid of being involved by Chu Yan, because Chu Yan has always been saving her.

  The lovely girl Xie Qingyu is silently mourning for those guys who secretly plan to deal with Chu Yan! In the eyes of the lovely girl Xie Qingyu, although Chu Yan is not a saint and Buddha who can save all living beings, he is not a **** to kill gods.

  As long as the other party doesn't take the initiative to commit cheapness, even if it is arrogant and domineering, Chu Yan may be too lazy to take a look.

  Didn't the silver-haired young man Dong, who seemed aloof, get along well with Chu Yan?

  However, now these guys dare to design against Brother Chu Yan behind the scenes, what will be the consequences, what will be the end, the lovely girl Xie Qingyu dare not think about it.

  Sure enough, to the twin brother's suggestion, his face was expressionless and there was no reaction at all.

  This is silent rejection! The twin brothers thought that Chu Yan was thinking about whether to agree to him, but Chu Yan said coldly, "Not interested."

  After speaking, he didn't even give the twin brothers a chance to speak more, raising his hand to kill them.

  Rumble! With a series of roars and ups and downs, the twin brothers were obliterated and eliminated by Chu Yan and returned to Shen Wuzong.
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