Chapter 388: The little fairy Luman is back~~(1 / 10)

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  He Mengxue has been unhappy these few days.

  Because she felt that her plan to attack Chen Yan seemed to have some accidents.

  Not only did Chen Yan remain vigilant towards her, but she also discovered that she was not the most special person around Chen Yan.

  By Chen Yan's side, there are too many excellent girls.

  For example, Yang Rou, who has followed Chen Yan since the beginning of his business, has been on his own.

  For example, although he is still very young, he is kind in heart, and it makes people feel good at first glance. Now he is in charge of Yu Qiaoqiao of the charity foundation.

  For example, although she usually looks a little silly, but Zhao Ying is excellent in strength and wears a huge dowry.

  Another example…… Today, I want to go back to the company, and the first-line actress Lu Man in the domestic entertainment circle is thriving.

  During this period of time, with Chen Yan's Jin Yuan offensive, as well as the huge network of Mei Meijie, Yang Rou, and Song Chuang, Lu Man's development can be described as rapid.

  Especially since she won the award and was promoted to a first-line actress, her announcements were almost unbroken during this period of time.
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