Chapter 2366: Horizontal push(1 / 5)

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  With insufficient power, it is undoubtedly unrealistic for Lin Han to truly leave them behind.

  "Really, then you are optimistic about it." However, with a cold arc drawn across his mouth, Lin Han calmly looked at the blond man and smiled indifferently.

  Normally, urging the Nine Dragons Sacred Fire Cover does need to explain the mentality, but he has a body shaped by Pangu's essence and blood. This is a real ancient and authentic, everything must be under its jurisdiction, so urging the Nine Dragons Sacred Fire Cover, even if he doesn't need to explain the teaching method, it doesn't matter.

  The founder of Chanjiao, Yuanshi Tianzun was transformed by Pangu's Yuanshen, and there is a thread in common.

  Therefore, this barrier is nothing to him.


  At this point, Lin Han's divine power was injected into the Nine Dragons Divine Fire Cover, and in an instant, the Nine Dragons Divine Fire Cover emitted a brilliant light like a rainbow, like a volcanic eruption, and a lot of the nebula in the nine heavens collapsed.

  A fierce dragon roar sounded, and a thick red dragon appeared, like the supreme divine beast rushing out of the ancient dragon's nest, each shook its head and tail, and slew the ten masters of the Golden Winged Dapeng clan.

  Each red dragon carries a tragic aura, and the nine merged together, like forming a monstrous crimson ocean. In the eyes of the blond man suddenly becoming horrified, it quickly zoomed in front of them, as if to cover the sky. .

  Under that vast breath, they are like ants and insects before the river and sea burst, full of a sense of insignificance.
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