Chapter 868: Wall Street does not believe in tears(1 / 7)

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  I asked about the company's situation. Overall, it was stable. When I hung up the phone, I finally relaxed a little. Things have progressed, and my hanging heart is relieved.

  The lights are beginning to shine outside, and when it's time for dinner, Lu Feng is going to have a meal with the three of Wang Yuanhe. These three are also considered to have done their responsibilities during this time.

  Just about to go out to find An Jiahui, the phone rang, and Lu Feng answered the phone and said, "Which one?"

  "It's me, you are already on the line, I have nothing to do here, I will go back tomorrow." Su Yourong said: "Others can't help you, you can only rely on yourself."

  "Okay, you can go back early." Lu Feng thought for a while and said, "A meal together?"

  "Just set it at the western restaurant downstairs of your hotel!"

  After the two parties made an appointment, half an hour later, Lu Feng couldn't help laughing as he looked at Su You, who was slightly pale on his face, and said, "Are you content this time?"

  "I'm just curious, what kind of medicine!"

  "It's all right!" Lu Feng waved his hand, not wanting to mention it again.

  Today, neither Kelise nor Jennifer called themselves. It is estimated that they are planning a new plan. This time it is a memory for Lu Feng.
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