Chapter 1931: Yao Lao mistaken me(1 / 6)

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  At this moment, the policemen also saw Ye Qiu, with a "surprise" color on their faces, and they opened their mouths to shout.

  Ye Qiu's eyes narrowed slightly. He just stood here and listened for a while, but he understood some of the reasons.

  These guys floated, and the arrester actually pushed things on his head.

  Are they all living impatiently?

  Seeing Ye Qiu's eyes, the little policemen felt cold, and they didn't dare to speak in a whisper.

  But at this moment, the group of people seemed to feel the gazes of Zhao Xingguo and several policemen. They turned their heads and saw Ye Qiu. After a while, they asked: "Who are you?"

  Ye Qiu looked at this group of guys, each of them dressed in glamorous clothes, the men were full of attitude, and the women were jewels.

  Needless to say, they are all rich people in Tianguang City. They are not executives of listed companies or bosses of several companies.

  If the relatives of these guys commit something, it's really hard to deal with.

  Thinking of this, Ye Qiu cursed in his heart. Who really owed it so much to arrest someone under his name.
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