Chapter 557: Wait for 1 person to come back(1 / 22)

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     Ninth Peak.

    The yard has been restored, and the peach trees have been replanted.

     It's just that the formation has been in a dilapidated state, only the rough and shallow formations can replace it.

     Ao Longyu stood on the edge of the flowers, she was waiting for news.

    Master and the others went to the heavens today, and maybe there will be new news to bring back.

     She has a calm complexion, but she paces subconsciously and feels restless.


     Fairy Zhuqing came to the Ninth Peak. She looked at Ao Longyu with eyes full of expectation, and said what she saw in the heavens today.

     The disordered power of the old world has been completely destroyed, but……
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