Chapter 512: Scheming(1 / 15)

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  His lovely round face was swollen into a pig's head, and there was still a little blood on his mouth.

  Then Liu Jiang refined the intermediate soul-controlling fruit, refined into a purple soul-controlling light group, and then stuffed it into the mind of the Shadow Demon.

  A few minutes later, the yellow cat woke up quietly, then jumped into Liu Jiang's arms, rubbed Liu Jiang's face affectionately, and vomited, calling his master.

  The voice was crisp, the voice of a little boy.

  The voice was soft, very immature.

  "What's your name?" Liu Jiang asked gently, touching the cute yellow cat's head.

  "My name is Yingsan," said the yellow cat.

  "Yingsan, do you know those monster spies?" Liu Jiang asked the location of the monster spies.

  "I am a killer, a simple killer with no emotions. I only like to kill and I am not interested in anything else.

  I directly took orders from Ao Hai, and I regularly went out to kill people. I had no subordinates, and I didn't know the members of other groups. "
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