Chapter 199: 3-head dog roadway(1 / 6)

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  The eight eyes of the eight-eyed giant spider trembled together, and the two big chelators seemed to have touched some switch, "Da Da Da Da" joined together.

  "Um…… let's test the amplification ability again."

  Felix first stunned it with a coma spell, then used his wand to stir up a ribbon of blue magic power, and threw it on the ugly head of the eight-eyed giant spider. Under his control, the eight-eyed giant spider The body size expanded rapidly, ten feet, twenty feet, and thirty feet.

  Felix stopped and walked around it.

  ‘Amplification is okay, this magic is completely under my control. ’
‘But it always feels useless. ’
Felix observes this scene, who will make the enemy bigger on the battlefield?

  In order to turn the opponent into a bright target?

  Obviously there is a better way.

  Felix restored the eight-eyed giant spider to its original state, and after some inspection, he shrank it to the size of the fingertip of his little finger. He took out an ordinary transparent glass bottle from the ring and put it in.

  "Mr. Eight-eyed Giant Spider, please stay with me for a while."
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