Chapter 509: prophecy(1 / 15)

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  Umbridge slowly walked out from surrounded by the inspectors.

  First, she glanced at the surrounding inspectors with comfort and admiration, her mouth slightly opened and closed, as if she was complimenting the team's reaction just now.

  Under the reassurance of her words, the panic on the faces of these inspectors who had just shot and injured Professor Trelawney was rapidly fading.

  And it quickly turned into excitement and ecstasy.

  This may be caused by what Umbridge promised them.

  Then, when Umbridge turned his gaze to the spectators not far away, and Trelawney, who was lying on the ground vomiting blood, the expression on his face suddenly changed from geniality to complacency and arrogance.

  "I'm so sick of you as a liar, Trelawney," Umbridge said in a disgusting tone. "Hogwarts was indeed your home until an hour ago, the Minister of Magic Your dismissal order will be signed.

  Please leave the hall now, you embarrass us. "

  Although Umbridge said so.

  But she did not continue to drive Trelawney away, or even throw Trelawney out of Hogwarts.
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