Chapter 439: You come in XinShuhaige.COM(1 / 17)

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  This is Luo Fei's evaluation of this movie.

  After getting used to seeing real monsters and ghosts, this kind of horror film, whether it is music or pictures, makes him unable to make any waves in his heart.

  It will only feel false and naive.

  The lovely young lady, Tong Yanju, was so scared that she kept digging into Miss Luo's arms. Chuchu's poor face was always buried under Miss Luo's tall and straight mountains.

  And Miss Luo, from beginning to end, there was no waves on her face.

  Luo Fei wondered if she was watching a movie. Although she stared at the screen without squint, her thoughts might not know where she flew.

  Otherwise, why doesn't he even have a slight emotion on his face?

  The movie ends.

  Luo Fei assisted the trembling Tong Yanju cute lady and walked out.
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