Chapter 1273: Escape(1 / 8)

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  The sky is bright.

  Zhao Yunmu walked out of the small garden with morning light.

  As before, he was covered with a black robe.

  Under the black robe, it was covered with a layer of stone dust, and the whole body was covered tightly, which caused a lot of people to look at him. They always felt that this was a puppet, otherwise, I couldn't smell the slightest breath.

  "Tibetan Pavilion…… That's it."

  "Don't tell me you don't recognize me."

  Yun Cangzi pointed to Ming Road and escaped into Zhao Yun's sleeve.

  He was very witty, and also covered the remnant soul with a layer of stone powder.

  Seeing him so cautious, Zhao Gongzi's my heart is so relieved! I really want to ask this old guy, how many enemies are there in this city, and how many sins have you suffered to be so outstanding.

  As he spoke, he had settled in front of the Tibetan Pavilion.
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