Chapter 2006: : Beheading (Part 1)(1 / 5)

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  Grandpa Lu’s words were only whispered in the voice transmission, Xiao Bai Cai slightly curled his lips to the side, and didn’t know what to say for a while, Cuicheng fell, the blood demon soldiers were wiped out, and Wang Goudan’s brother’s life or death was unclear at the time. She wanted to support when she came out, but she was sternly stopped by the boss.

    The boss and Wang Goudan went to save people personally, and now there is no news, which makes Xiao Bai Cai very uneasy now.

    Although Hemlock Lin was actually more dangerous the previous time, she was quickly under control that time, and there was no time to be uneasy at all. How is it like now? I waited restlessly, but there was no news. This kind of torture was not generally uncomfortable.

    I also thank Mu Yunji for keeping quiet, but the more she is like this, the more people feel that something is wrong with her……

     "Ah……what do you think of Kosoma?" Xiao Bai Cai cleared up her mood and looked at the Elf Priest Dolma who had been leading her……

    This Dolma Elf directly rolled his eyes……

    What to look at? She took her head to see……

    This group of inexplicable people sent by Villafa is obviously along the way. Where did you hear of yourself along the way?

    Including now, at the administrative level, after she came to Stormwind City, she should take over the command of Stormwind City, but neither the Fallen Angels nor this group of guys meant to mention this.

    The main commander is the girl with the always stinking face. Corresponding to this guy, he can completely convince the elite troops of the blood race, and can also convince the current Stormwind Fallen Angel officers. She has nothing to say, after all, the record is there.
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