Chapter 2334: 5 clans fooled(1 / 4)

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  Latest website: Thousands of noble elves did not have the courage to give up their lives for dignity. They were put on magic shackles and were taken to the noble prison by Boll's Shadowmoon Elf Warrior Legion.

  Looking at the backs of these people, Algaea sighed in secret, turned his head to look at Rustafa and said, "Thank you, my teacher."

  Rustafa smiled helplessly, and said: "Go on your way, maybe you are right, we are old, all we can do is to cooperate with your actions."

  "Thank you." Algaea bowed respectfully, and when he got up again, he had lost his previous fear and self-blame, and was full of confidence instead.

  The elves that were sent next were all civilian elves, and Rustafa also had plenty of time to understand the situation. When he learned of all the plans of Lu Yang, Algaea and others, Rustafa’s eyes flashed brightly. Looking at Lu Yang, he said, "This plan is feasible. If it can be done, you are the benefactor of our elves."

  Lu Yang smiled and said, "To be honest, we are helping each other. If you can prove it to me, you really have the idea of ​​becoming a Shadowmoon Elf. Please contact the other five races now and invite them to come. Meeting in Baishan City."

  Rustafa said excitedly: "Of course, I will write the invitation letter, and Algaea will send it out for me."

  This kind of letter is usually written by the sender himself, and the guards issue it to the outside without arousing suspicion. However, the spells of the elves are very special. The spells of the common people are far from the noble spells with the aura of divine spells, and they will still be affected. discover.

  With a move with Lu Yang's right hand, the Heartbiting Seed in Sarah was taken out. When Sarah was surprised, Lu Yang smiled and said, "I believe you will not betray Algaea, nor will you betray Shadow Moon. Fairy, welcome, Queen of Shadowmoon Elves."

  "Thank you." Sarah showed a warm smile at the corner of her mouth. She walked to Algaea and said to Rustafa: "Teacher, I will help you."
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