Chapter 1468: You are always a younger brother(1 / 10)

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  Looking at Xu Longshan, the little boss said with a smile that a man understands: "Is this still explained by Brother Lin and you?"

  "Do you want to hear the details?"

  The little boss smiled, and immediately said: "Brother Lin dare to tell you this, do you dare to listen to you?"

  "Ha ha."

  The little boss laughed loudly!

  "shut up!"

  Xu Longshan ignored the little boss’s words. After giving the little boss a vicious look, he once again looked at Lin Feihang with cold eyes, and said coldly, “I’m asking you, you answer me right now.”
"What have you done to my eldest sister!"

  "hold head high?"

  Xu Longshan stared at Lin Feihang with murderous intent, his expression extremely cold.

  "One word." ↑Back to top↑

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