Chapter 411: 1-way tracking(1 / 10)

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  Ten minutes later, Zhang Jue returned from the original road and was hearing the voice of Yang Xue and McDowell.

  "Turkmenistan has the most fingerprints on the map. It is possible that Dr. Acheson was looking at the map with a magnifying glass while pointing at the location on it. Many people have this habit, but we are not completely sure that he went there. In the surrounding countries, people will be sent to search."

  "No, I have confirmed with him. Dr. Acheson went to Turkmenistan." Zhang Jue stepped into the room and said, "I even know that he was the first place to stay after he went to Turkmenistan. It’s a small town called Sakura."

  Yang Xue and McDowell looked at Zhang Jue at the same time, both a little surprised, not knowing where he got the information.

  He just disappeared for ten minutes.

  "Counselor Zhang, how did you know?" McDowell asked.

  "Hey, brother McDowell, don't you know? There is a technique in our country C called Five Elements Gossip, which can be calculated to deduce what happened in the past and in the future. Have you ever heard of it? What will happen in the next year. The younger brother is not talented, and he was given the nickname Zhang Daxian. Although he only mastered some fur, I can figure out the location of Dr. Acheson based on the surrounding topography and landforms. Hey, Ashamed, if I can be a little better, I will be able to locate him in an accurate position—"

  After Zhang Jue finished speaking, McDowell was dumbfounded.

  Of course he had heard of such a famous thing as Tuibei Tu, but he didn't know that this consultant Zhang was also proficient in this technique.

  In fact, his perception of Zhang Jue is not very good. He thinks this person speaks frivolously. However, at this time, he thinks that there is no illusion in his reputation. It must be extraordinary for Consultant Zhang to gain a foothold in a place with a lot of talents like the bureau. At this point, McDowell felt that he should correct his previous judgment on him.
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