Chapter 1368: new task(1 / 13)

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  Sending Xiao Ju'er out of the gate of the gymnasium, Youjia saw that a person had already greeted him outside the gate.

  After Xiao Ju'er's introduction, Yu Jia realized that this person was Xiao Ju'er's agent.

  The agent helped Xiao Ju'er disguise again, and then politely said goodbye to Youjia.

  As soon as Xiao Ju'er left, Yuka greeted Beidou, and decided to return to the store to continue greeting the guests, but when she walked halfway, she saw Miss Goth running over.

  "Ge Qi~"

  After Miss Goethe explained it, Yuga realized that the ten Alidos eggs that it had placed in the island ecological garden had hatched.

  The egg hatching time of the worm-type elves like Alidos is usually much shorter than that of ordinary elves.

  Recently, Miss Goth has been giving Cocoa (Fat Ke Ding) in the Island Ecological Park, so as soon as the Elf Egg hatched, it ran over to report the news to Yuga.

  "Go, go over and take a look."

  Speaking of Yuga, he quickened his pace.
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