Chapter 138: Marriage line, red rope with thick steel can be twisted off(1 / 10)

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  "My years in the pawnshop appraising treasure (

  This hairpin, even though it was from a zombie, was dark, as if it had accumulated a thick layer of gray, but Chen Shaojun only discerned it briefly and found that it was a golden ornament. The hairpin’s head formed a ring. Like a bird, it is most likely the appearance of a phoenix.

  Golden Phoenix Hairpin?

  Curious in his heart, Chen Shaojun swept away his spiritual eye skills.

  The blood-red evil spirit evaporates like wolf smoke, like a giant beast, spreading its teeth and claws towards the surroundings.

  "It really deserves to be a zombie's body, and as the opponent has been up and down at the bottom of the well for dozens of hundreds of years, the evil aura contained in it is really strong and scary."

  Chen Shaojun's eyelids twitched, but he was not too surprised.

  The body of this bronze armored corpse is naturally rich and scary.

  But it's just suffocating, and for him today, the threat is actually not that big.

  The three copper coins swung forward, and after they were settled, Chen Shaojun performed divination.
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