Chapter 500: Don't leave me...(1 / 11)

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     Chapter 500 Don't Leave Me……

    Hearing his son's shout, Li Ji got stuck in the question, and then turned into an eager question.

     "Who did you say you were going to look for?"

    Li Xun was so anxious that he shed tears, and what he said did not follow the preface, and his small body was trembling with cold.

     "I'm going to find my mother! My mother is gone, mother, don't go!"

    Li Ji noticed his son’s face turned pale from the cold, and his sanity finally returned a little.

    He put the man on the ground, took off the gray-white cranes on his body, and wrapped Li Xun's whole body.

    Li Ji bent down, stared into his son's eyes, and asked every word.

     "Did you see your mother just now?"

    Li Xun nodded vigorously, tears falling down his cheeks.
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