Chapter 6113: : The fierce Jin army(1 / 9)

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  But in such an atmosphere, no official dared to oppose it on the battlefield. They knew that the current situation was grim. If they opposed the Queen’s decision, they might be sent to the most dangerous place on the battlefield in the next moment.

  The queen stood up and said: "This king is doing this, and I hope you can make it clear that you are officials of Guishuang. When the situation in the Guishuang Empire is tense, you should stand with the soldiers in the army instead of saying that there are people in the city. Other actions, otherwise, the king and the fighting soldiers in the army will not agree."

  "Guishuang, it has reached the most critical moment. As Guishuang officials, isn't it the responsibility of you to stand up? Do you really have to wait until Guishuang's country is destroyed? Do you regret it again?

  "Jin’s strength is good, but you are Guishuang after all. Many of you are Guishuang’s nobles. Couldn’t you set an example for the soldiers and civilians in the city at the critical moment, and let the soldiers and civilians in the city follow you? Proud."

  Some words were impassioned, but these officials were silent, they would not argue with the queen at such a time, because such an argument has no greater value at such a time.

  The method that can stop the Jin army's offensive is the best. If in this confrontation, the Jin army cannot be successfully blocked, the entire Peshawar is the real purgatory.

  Aluqi immediately went out and distributed the officials present on various walls. Except for those who needed to serve the war, the rest of the officials were inevitable.

  This made the named officials look frustrated. They knew that this situation could not be changed for the time being. At present, the Queen decided this matter strongly. If they stood up against it, they would not give the Queen face.

  Don't give the queen face, in such an emergency, will the queen still give them face?

  High-ranking nobles can enjoy a very good life in Guishuang. They are rich in family resources. If there are officials who oppose, they are Guishuang's rebelliousness. The queen will not have the slightest softness when she takes action.
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