Chapter 151: conquer!(1 / 11)

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  Shi Qian held a blood-stained leather whip, his face was dark and he couldn't see his expression clearly.

  The female ghost who had recovered her original body, the moment the man took out the whip in front of him, felt an unusual breath on the whip.

  "This breath…… so familiar…… it seems to be of the same origin as me."

  The resentment in the female ghost instantly condensed, and the two-color pupils flickered, as if the breath permeating the blood-stained whip, evoked some memories of her.

  Not only the familiar feeling, but also the spirituality on the whip, it also made her very jealous.

  But her memory seemed to be missing, she didn't know how long she had fallen, and she couldn't remember where she came from.

  At this moment, the black curse on the female ghost's neck flickered again, seeming to be extremely dissatisfied with her stagnant behavior.

  The woman's weird pupils were solidified again.

  Shi Qian also noticed that the female ghost in front of him had something wrong when he took out the whip.

  But he did not hesitate.
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