Chapter 212: Doctor Strange: It's so cool to come back with blood and blood(1 / 5)

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     After the new question came out, it was a bit confusing.

     But it’s not difficult to understand the concept of Ping Dae.

    Tor immediately said that out of the above four options, his younger brother will definitely win the Daddy Fighting competition. Isn’t the king Odin not good enough?

     Stephen Strange glanced at him and said, "If I remember correctly, Rocky's father should not be Odin. As previously revealed in quizzes, he is a descendant of the Frost Giant."

     Steve Rogers nodded and said, "Yes, Rocky and Thor have different surnames. One is Laufison and the other is Oddingson."

    Tor scratched his face: "There is no mark on the title whether it is the adoptive father or the biological father, and even if it is the biological father, Rocky's father is the King of Frost Giants, not much better than other people's fathers?"

     Steve Rogers said: "Tony's father Howard Stark founded the huge Stark Industry today. He is also one of the founders of S.H.I.E.L.D., and he is also an excellent scientist.

     If it were not for the limitations of the times, what Tony could do now, his father could also do, maybe he could do better! "

     Te Chala frowned: "I don't like this question very much. Whose father is stronger and more powerful? It doesn't make much sense at all!"

  "Although we advertise that humans are equal everywhere, this is not the case. Just like you, Techara, you can have your current achievements, of course, you also have your own efforts, but you can't deny the help and convenience your father gave." Stephen Strange shrugged.
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