Chapter 182: Spiderman: My horse is dead!(1 / 13)

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  "Although this idea is correct, but unfortunately, we lost and failed to defeat Thanos." Stephen Strange said, "After Thanos got the Time Gem, he immediately went to the earth. The earth still fell in the end. For the battlefield."

  "When you speak, I think of a question. Didn't you say that Tony would be sacrificed to protect the gems?" Clint Barton walked up to Stephen Strange and asked, "Why did that moment really come? , But you chose to hand over the gems and save Tony?"

  "To be honest, I was quite surprised." Stephen Strange glanced at Tony Stark beside him and said, "My relationship with him doesn't seem so good, doesn't it?"

  "I don't think it's so good either." Tony Stark's views are surprisingly consistent with Stephen Strange, and he even thought of the first time he saw Stephen Strange, the other party obviously had nothing to do but insisted on him. When I made an appointment, I suddenly felt that this product was a bit disgusting.

  "It can be seen that the gem of time is very important to Strange. When he fell into the hands of the ebony throat, he would rather die than hand over the gem. It can be seen that for Stephen, the gem is more important than his life. "After speaking, Thor asked Stephen Strange, "Am I right?"

  "It looks like this." Stephen Strange said.

  "But in order to save Stark, Strange did not hesitate to hand over the gems. In other words, in the eyes of Strange, Stark is more important than gems." Torhaha laughed, " In other words, Stark is more important to Strange than his own life! The relationship between the two men is so sincere, so singular! It is worth spreading through the ages!"

  Stephen Strange and Tony Stark both had a black line at the same time.

  "Let us all applaud this song and tear!" Thor himself took the lead.

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